10 Batman Toy Commercials for #BatmanDay!

It's #BatmanDay (again) and we are celebrating with 10 toy commercials that you will probably love, hate, and laugh at! Enjoy, Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE

Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures - New Commercial
The good people at DC Collectibles actually made a new commercial for their BTAS line. A little long but its pretty good!

1995 Batman Toy Commercial
Love that Total Armor Batman figure!

Legends of Batman (Toy Commercial #2)
This one doesn't look great, but who doesn't want to seek out the Dark Rider Batman now? 

Vintage Batman Toy TV Commercial The Joker
How much money did Zellers spend on this? The animation is amazing!

Batman Begins Batmobile Toy Commercial
Wait, it's the Tumbler Batmobile and a playset?!

Walmart 2016 Mattel Batman vs Superman Ultimate Batcave Playset
In light of these week's news, this one is pretty sad.

Batman: The Animated Series Mcdonalds Toy Commercial
I have a bunch of these! Yes, there are awesome.

Batman Returns Toy Commercial Batcave Command Center
Yet, we wouldn't get an authentic Batman Returns' Penguin for years!

Mego Magnetic Batman & Robin 12 Inch Action Figures
Why didn't MEGO make these figures over again?

1997 Batman & Robin Bathammer
Let's not end on a high note. LOL.

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