With the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (seen HERE) to television, there has also been an announcement that there will be additional toys for the series. Now, the Black Series is a complete rage these days, over the 3.75” figures, naturally, we hope that Hasbro is going to add to the cache of characters who have made the leap to the Black Series line.

We decided to focus strictly on characters that only appeared on The Clone Wars series (despite having possibly appeared in both a cannon and legend property too). Certainly, there are characters on the series that were also in the films that still don’t have a Black Series figure, yet (or at the very least aren't scheduled until 2019). This leaves out numerous characters from our list like Mace Windu (arriving in 2019), Count Dooku (?), and General Grievous (?). #AFJ4LIFE

Cad Bane
Yes, the Duro Bounty Hunter from Star Wars: The Clone Wars screams Black Series figure! If you haven't watched his adventures in The Clone Wars, you really are missing out. He recently has had SDCC 2018 Exclusive POP! (seen HERE) and has had at least two releases of a 3.75" figure. He is a foregone conclusion for the Black Series. 

Commander Doom
Yes, this is The Clone Wars' homage to a certain ruler of Latveria in Marvel Comics. With that obvious nod, also comes a stellar design for a Clone Trooper. Commander Doom was featured in "Lost Missions" of the series, but quickly spawned his own 3.75" Black Series figure. Yes, Hasbro we need him in the 6-inch scale now. 

Mother Talzin
As a member of the Nightsisters and a Dathomirian female (same species as Darth Maul), she was a fan favorite in the 3.75" line. The Black Series line already is extremely short on female characters, let alone female villains, so Talzin gets our vote. Besides, her design is wicked cool. Add some green swirls and mist (a la the Doctor Strange's Marvel Legend) and you are good to go Hasbro.

Rako Hardeen (Obi-Wan Kenobi in Disguise)
This is a deep cut from The Clone Wars series as Obi-Wan was "killed" by the actual Rako Hardeen, only to assume his identity to go deep undercover. Obi-Wan went even so far as to have his face surgically altered to resemble Rako. So we are thinking two heads Hasbro, not to mention a helmet that comes on and off.

Asajj Ventress

Here is another one that is long overdue Hasbro. Again, a female character and a villain is just what the fans of the series need. Plus, she is a ightsaber wielding bad-ass. She has had several 3.75" figures made in the past. Interesting enough, her own story (after The Clone Wars was canceled) finished out in a novel, "Star Wars: Dark Disciple". Will those events matter with the series returning? Only the time will tell.

The leader of Mandalore's Death Watch and wielder of the Dark Saber deserves his own Black Series figure. Who wouldn't want a Mandalorian that not only has a cape, a jetpack, and a lightsaber? Yes, the helmet must come off Hasbro, however who it will look like should be interesting. It can't resemble Jon Favreau, despite the fact he voices the character.

Bo-Katan Kryze
When the series ended, Bo-Katan was one of the last members of Pre-Vizla's Death Watch still loyal to his following. Bo-Katan also made an appearance on Star Wars Rebels and is seen briefly with a certain ex-padawan in the new trailer. As sure as we will see Cad Bane in the Black Series, we shall see her.

Gregor (aka CC-5576-39)
Hasbro has yet to release a Republic Commando in the Black Series line. Who better to start with than The Clone Wars' own Gregor? Gregor was a Clone that got lost during the war and was found by Colonel Meebur Gascon. The Colonel helped restore Gregor's memory and put him back into action. Gregor's fate remained a mystery until he appeared with Captain Rex and Commander Wolffe during Star Wars Rebels. He is hands down a must for the Black Series. Give us a Clone with different armor (sorry Hasbro you will have to make a new sculpt) and one that has an awesome story for the win.

Savage Opress
Here is Darth Maul's brother was who brought into the fold by the Nightsisters and Count Dooku as a revenge tactic. His early appearances rank as some of the most violent in all the series. Hasbro, we ask you for the bruised, battered, and weathered version of the character. See the picture above. Oh, he has to be as tall as Chewbacca, a mechanical arm, and come with that Spike weapon as well.

Ahsoka Tano
This one is a long shot. What fans of The Clone Wars series want is the Ahsoka in the middle (pictured above). There is a Black Series (hence the long shot) of the character from Star Wars Rebels, yet a younger version would be more in accordance with her character's likeness on the show. Will Hasbro do another Ahsoka? Well, they keep making Lukes over and over again, so there is always a chance.

Star Wars Celebration/ D23 Exclusive Two-Pack - Death Watch Super Commandos
Now, with any line of figures, in today's action figure collecting world, there are always exclusives. We suggest that Hasbro and Lucasfilm release a pair of Death Watch Super Commandos as a Star Wars Celebration Chicago Exclusive. Then re-releases them as a D23 exclusive. Why the Death Watch Super Commandos? Hasbro already has a lot of the pieces they need from the various clones and Boba Fetts they have done in the past. See, we're thinking like you now Hasbro. In essence, they may have to create on a new mold of the Maul Helmet, change the paint, and you they are good to go.


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