10 G.I. Joe Toy Commercials from Oblivion

YouTube can be a dangerous rabbit hole to fall into. While looking for this week's toy commercial column, I came across a few G.I. Joe toys, by Hasbro, that are straight out of oblivion. In short, these are probably best forgotten. Now I did end it on a high note, however, to see where the 3.75" line started and where it went is crazy. #AFJ4LIFE

Tiger Force
This was the first time that Hasbro went crazy with the repainting of old toys. There are a few exceptions (Crimson Guard Tank), however, Tiger Force was full on nutty.

The Eco Warriors
I am so glad I discovered comic books and girls and was not around for this incarnation of G.I. Joe.

Live Action Toy Commerical(?) 
OMG, it's like a bunch of cosplayers in front of a green screen at a local cable access channel.

G.I. Joe Toy Commerical from 1992
I found another one like the one above, however, they have more toys in it. 

G.I. Joe Crusader (The Space Shuttle)
I'll admit it, that I would totally own this, now. The toy, with the launch facility, was massive. Back when I was a kid, I thought this was just too far out there. Cobra and G.I. Joe battling it out in space?

The New Recruits
Yeah, that brought the kids to the toy aisle, the Command Rings!

Sky Patrol
What's funny is that the Sky Patrol items, in the box, probably fetch a pretty penny. I would like to have the Cobra Night Raven though from the Sky Patrol.

Thunder Clap
Alright this one isn't too bad, right? The Thunder Clap is a terrible name.

Dreadknocks Vehicles
Both the air skiff and the motorcycle are more believable than Joe's weird bike with tank treads.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Toys
I completely forgot Dennis Quaid was in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. I've forgotten even more about that movie than I care to remember.

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero 1st Toy Commercial 1982
Let's end on a high note, here is the 1st G.I. Joe commercial when they relaunched in 3.75" line.

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