AFJ’S 10 Great G.I. Joe Toy Commercials

You cannot get more patriotic that G.I. Joe, from his bearded days with the Kung Fu Grip to Joe flying into space. Relax we didn't go that far with our commercials this week. Sit back, finish off that cereal, and enjoy a trip down memory to lane with some great G.I. Joe Toy Commercials. #AFJ4Life

G.I. Joe with Kung Fu Grip
Starting off with a classic. Too bad Joe never learned to shave. 

G.I. Joe Headquarters Playset
Damn, did the memories just come rushing back or what? This was a great playset and still is! 

I often wondered if Serpentor had emotional issues or even considered Destro and Dr. Mindbender his dads? I’m over thinking this.

The Havoc

This was a cool tank thingy. Yeah, I said “thingy”. Look at it. It is impractical. 


Notice the black fins of the back of the F-14? The animation is also pretty sweet too. 

Steeler gives up his tank pretty quick.

Still one of the greatest toys ever created! 


I remember the buzz around getting Zartan back in the day. He was the figure to have. 

Falcon & Viper Gliders
You gotta love that many of these toys had their own theme song. 

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