Today marks the anniversary release date of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. A day not long remembered by some fans, however, there are many fans that do like George Lucas’ final installment to the prequels. AFJ could not ignore the anniversary release date and set out to bring you the top 10 toys from the film. We gave ourselves a few quick hurdles to jump. The toys for Revenge of the Sith had to all come from Hasbro. We also decided that all the toys had to have the Revenge of the Sith logo present. They could not be from the 30th-anniversary Star Wars release. What we discovered is a small number of figures and vehicles actually surfaced for the film that had these provisions. Enjoy our list and let us know your favorites in the comment section. #AFJ4LIFE

Mom Mothma - Republic Senator
Mom-Mothma - Republic SenatorWhoa, what? Yes, we placed the very first action figure of Mom Mothma on our list. The second is that this character returns in both Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels. To take it one further she is also played all three times by the same actress, Genevieve O’Reilly. This instantly makes this figure a collectible and highly sought after. Oh, they haven’t made her since either.

Revenge of the Sith Sneak Preview Figures
Preview Figures
This is a practice we wish had Hasbro would return to. It was something that Kenner started with their mail-away figures and Hasbro ran with during the first three prequels. They released “Sneak Preview” figures. The allotment usually included a droid, villain, and hero. These four: Wookie Warrior, General Grievous, Tion Medon, and R4-G9 are the very last of that line.

ARC-170 Fighter
We love our big ships here at AFJ, especially a Star Wars ship. The ARC-170 Fighter housed a crew of three and was a great homage to the X-Wing. Now, this ship was released in multiple incarnations and boxes. If you are a collector, we are sure you have them all. This one was the first and not as easily found as the Clone Wars’ versions were.

Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter
Anakin’s Jedi StarfighterWe love the design as it directly makes a reference to Darth Vader’s tie-fighter. However, this version of Anakin’s ship is one of the rare ones that actually comes with Anakin. Take note, his headpiece actually comes off. Where were these when we were hunting the toy aisles back in 2005?

AT-RT with AT-RT Driver
AT-RT with AT-RT Driver
Certainly you saw this original version of this set, however, did you know there was a version that included a Bonus Clone Trooper? Granted, with its rarity, neither one will ever be removed from the box, but a very cool addition to the collection.

Utapau Shadow Trooper - Target Exclusive
Utapau Shadow Trooper - Target Exclusive
We don’t even blink twice about retail exclusive figures anymore. Back in 2005, it wasn’t as common. The Target Utapau Shadow Trooper easily makes our list for the coolness factor and its points of articulation.

Boga with Obi-Wan Kenobi
This particular creature and rider two-pack makes our list for two reasons. The first is that sets like were a rarity until the Special Editions hit theaters and Hasbro and Lucasfilm flooded the market with these. So the 10-year tradition continued on. The second is that the Boga is the only “big creature” in Revenge of the Sith to get a toy. Every Star Wars film, to that point, had a larger than life creature. This was usually accompanied by a toy. Revenge of the Sith’s was scrapped for timing and would have appeared on Mustafar. Google "Sher Kar" for more information.

Mustafar Final Duel Playset
Obviously, the playlet is not to full scale, but we admire Hasbro for trying. This is one of those rare playlets that no one bought but ends up online or in flea markets for oodles of dollars. Why? It is pretty hideous, but collectors who missed out need to have it. It makes our list for the completists out there that simply have to own everything.

Darth Vader - Target Exclusive
Darth Vader - Target Exclusive
Limited to 50,000, this lava red Darth Vader is both cool for its exclusivity and its color. Sure have an early retail exclusive, that was already enclosed in a collectors bubble was great. However why lava red? We never see Vader on Mustafar during the film? Was this for something later or a scene that never made it to the film? Vader’s first lava walk?

Republic Gunship
Republic GunshipEasily one of the biggest and best ships ever produced by Hasbro. Much like ARC-170, this too became a repainted vehicle for numerous releases. Though the Clone Wars may have the cooler and more stylized version, this was the first and makes it on our list for its collectability and size.

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