McDonald's is bringing back a series of retro Happy Meal toys including Ty Beanie Babies' Patti the Platypus and the Tamagotchi to name just two (see image below). This special return lasts from November 7 through 11. The kicker is that they will be a surprise. Hopefully, you can request one.
We decided to have some fun with the Happy Meal concept and took it in a different direction. We imagined the worst possible Happy Meal toy you could have gotten, via a movie tie-in, ever. So sit back and imagine, if you will if the following Happy Meal toy lines existed and this was the worst figure in the lot.

10. Krull - The Beast


The Toy: A big plastic head with on and off glowing eyes.

9. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter - Tommy Jarvis

friday the 13th

The Toy: A toy for the tub, complete with Tommy in his rain coat.

8. Enemy Mine – Fyrine IV Hard-Shelled Creature

enemy mine

The Toy: Complete with a suction cup on its belly.

7. Transformers the Movie (1986) – Dead Optimus Prime


The Toy: A gray Optimus Prime eraser. So eventually he would just turn to dust.

6. Rosemary’s Baby – Minnie Castevet

rosemary's baby

The Toy: Minnie’s Happy Meal toy would emit the smell of Tanis Root.

5. Boxing Helena - Helena

boxing helena

The Toy: Helena would have limbs attached with magnets for easy on and off play.

4. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome – Master Blaster

mad max

The Toy: A tiny Master pops off the back of Blaster.

3. Hellraiser –Bearded Man


The Toy: When you throw him in the fire his body melts away to reveal a demon. Obviously, this is a once and done thing.

2. Bladerunner - Hannibal Chew

blade runner

The Toy: Chew’s Happy Meal toy is a squeezable figure that has eyes which ooze blood when squeezed.

1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Ilia

star trek

The Toy: A squeezable Ilia that says “Kirk Unit”.

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