What I loved above M.A.S.K., as a kid, was the ability to transform the vehicle into an even cooler vehicle. What I could not stand was how much smaller the figures were over that of Star Wars and G.I. Joe. Certainly, it was all about profitability, but when the likes of Kenner are making both Star Wars and M.A.S.K. toys, you have to wonder if they just cheaped out on the whole thing. Regardless, the toy line and the property os long overdue for a revival. Come on, Hasbro! It is time. Enjoy these 10 marvelous toy commercials from the original line. #AFJ4LIFE

Switchblade, Rhino, & Thunderhawk
All three were essentials in the toy line. Rhino was by far the favorite of the three!

Switchblade, Rhino, & Thunderhawk
This one has the same products as the previous spot, however, it features stop motion animation as well as cosplay! It is really cool!

Boulder Hill Playset
This was an awesome playset. You can only see that they filmed at Vasquez Rocks for this spot (and a few others below).

Gator, Piranha, & Condor
Again, we have more of the stop-motion animation and even some off roading of a life-size version of one of the toys. It's great marketing.

Firecracker, Firefly, & Vampire
These three are a lot more intricate, IMHO, and Vampire was my favorite.

Hurricane, Firefly, & Stinger
Whoever Kenner hired to do these spots nailed. I'm excited about these toys now and they are over thirty years old!

Goliath and Goliath 2
These are sweet and this spot is actually in decent shape, quality wise.

Publicité MASK Stiletto Vandal FR (French Commercial)
A little culture this week, Junkies, as well as a look at the Vandal and Stilleto.

Volcano & Outlaw
I never saw these before, ever.

Goliath & Buzzard
Again, with the Goliath toy. Pretty cool but Kenner must have overproduced them. 

M.A.S.K. - S01E01 - The Deathstone (Pilot Episode)
Here is the first episode of the short-lived cartoon series.

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