10 Marvelous Masters of the Universe Toy Commercials

Welcome to this week's retro toy commercial column. Today we spotlight He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. We could probably do several of these a year as it was one of the largest toy lines of all time. It is always fun to revisit and rediscover what Mattel gave us in the Eighties. Enjoy our sampling of firsts, re-launches, and scattered assortment of vehicles. #AFJ4LIFE #IHAVETHEPOWER

Vintage Toy Fair Booth Display Commerical
The animation here is fantastic!

He-Man First Commercial MOTU Ad 1982
It's funny how little things like commercial jingles came me locked away in your mind.

The New Adventures of He-Man
A re-launch to the line as well as some incredible costumes. I wonder what happened to them?

Snake Mountain
I need the new one that Super7 is producing (seen HERE)!

Laser Bolt 
Love the attack mode of this one!

Battle Bones
I am pretty sure that is Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) doing the voice-over. I guess the Battle Bone creatures had no choice in what side they took.

Evil Horde
These guys really took it up a notch!

Whoa... I don't remember these at all, do you?

Dragon Walker 
Like G.I. Joe's Bridge Layer, it was only necessary if you need it. Cool toy though as it did move on its own.

Did you know that Modulok was actually scientist for Hordak? The stupid things I can remember.

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