It is hard for us to believe as well, Junkies, but we are into this whole Mego revival thing. To be honest, we may not like everything they release, but we were surprised at the 14-inch DC Superheroes we reviewed (seen HERE) and Star Trek’s the Gorn (seen HERE) is in contention for our top 10 figures of the year. We thought we would journey back this week to TV Land and see what came before for Mego and perhaps what we may see in the future (Planet of the Apes!)? #AFJ4LIFE

NOTE: If you need to catch up on who is in Wave 3 2018, see AFJ's official list HERE. Remember, today, Mego is only sold at Target.

1970's MEGO Worlds Greatest Superheroes Line

Not only do we get a blending of poverties here (Marvel and DC), Junkies, but we also get Tarzan too! Hopefully, we will see Shazam soon as a new movie arrives in 2019.

Mego Hulk and Spiderman

It doesn’t look as if Marvel and Disney will be returning to MEGO, but this TV spot is one my favorites as I have the Spider-Man, still.

Mego Happy Days Garage Playset

Well, clearly we need this to return. Was that Cher at the beginning?

World's Greatest Super-Heroes!

The Falcon is great, but Iron Man clearly needed a new head sculpt.

Mego Muhammad Ali's Boxing Ring Playset and Figure

Long range activators? That is awesome!

Mego Wizzard of Oz Action Figures

They are already back in 2018. We are just waiting on the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. 

Mego Batman Batmobile and Batcycle + The Joker

So far the Batman figures released, as well as all the DC characters, have been in the 14-inch scale. It’s doubtful we will see a Batmobile in that size. Yet, anything is possible.

Mego “Chips” Action Figures

This one will probably come back, after all, we have Charlie’s Angels and The Brady Bunch, again. So where are Ponch and Jon?

Mego Star Trek Toy Commercial

We need that idol playlet. It looks hella cool! Star Trek is back and in full force, by the way in 2018. Captain Kirk already has two figures.

Mego Planet of the Apes

When Mego? When will the apes be returning?

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