10 Must-Have Spirit Halloween Gets (Because We Love Halloween)

Halloween season is the best. Sorry Christman fans, but it is true. We are eagerly chomping at the bit for all the things that go bump in the night. Everything from scary movies, candy, parties, and the excuse to dress up. Spirit Halloween locations are a fantastic place to not only get costumes but toys as well. Let's face it, a TMNT Katana is awesome for your costume, but we would rather display it for the other 364 days of the year. We scowered their website looking for "10 Must-Have" items. We found more than 10 so we decided to group them by their property. The Ghostbusters' items shall be one and The Nightmare Before Christmas pieces another. Happy Halloween and good hunting in the stores for these. We provided an online link just in case you don't care to venture out.#AFJ4LIFE

Hocus Pocus Pop! Figures - 3 Pack

The Sanderson Sisters are here, finally, and what is sure to be a highly coveted POP! set this season. Winifred, Mary, and Sarah are the perfect thing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this, now, Cult Film. The big issue is, do we open them for display or do we let them sit in the box? Perhaps buying two sets is the way to go. Order HERE.

Ghostbusters (Gear)

Halloween is literally the perfect opportunity to suit up and Spirit Halloween has it all! Everything from Ecto Goggles, a P.K.E. Meter, Ghost Trap, Belts, and 20 Inch Hanging Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. If you missed out on any of the MattyCollector items (which are now incredibly high priced on the secondary market), this is time to get them. If you missed the Proton Pack from a few years ago, it is back! See it all HERE.

Living Dead Doll - Mezco Toyz

With the death of Toys R US, we suddenly find it a lot harder to locate Mezco products, let alone their Living Dead Doll line. Those particular dolls are the perfect thing for Halloween (and general creepiness). We particularly like the Harley Quinn here because what better accessory could you carry with you if you are portraying the Joker and in search of your Harley. Order HERE.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Masks

Who doesn't have something from a The Nightmare Before Christmas in their home? What you probably don't have are masks featuring Halloween's greatest trick r treaters Lock (Devil), Shock (Witch), Barrel (Skull). These are great, creepy, and the perfect thing to visit Sandy Claws with at the Mall come November. Links provided.

Laser Gun - Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty's costumes are pretty easy to pull together. Many of the more elaborate ones can be found on Spirit Halloween's website. Now the laser gun would be great for your costume, however, mounting this baby on the wall or keeping it close by at all times seems like a lot of fun too. If you ever need it, it's there when you do. Order HERE.

2 Ft Bump ‘N Go Chucky Animatronics
There are a lot of great decorations on Spirit Halloween's website. However, none of them scared us as much as this moving "2 Ft Bump ‘N Go Chucky". Yeah, that's right, this creepy bugger moves around and talks. Imagine this moving around your driveway, hallway, or any place you want to terrify people. Check out the video HERE.

Michael Myers Mask
William Shatner has not aged well at all. If you get the reference then you are obviously a monster Halloween fan. This new rendition of the mask looks perfect. The bummer is, in the world, we live in now, you probably won't be able to wear it in the theater for the new movie. Your original Don Post mask has probably seen better days. Perfect time for a new one. Order HERE.

Clone Trooper Blaster - Star Wars
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
is coming back, with 12 new episodes. What better reason do you need to pick up a Clone Trooper blaster? You can customize it however you see fit. With only 12 episodes, we highly doubt that Hasbro will release or release new blasters. You never know, but now you can get one today and start working on your Captain Rex costume. Order HERE.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Weapons (Foam Versions)

There is a variety of versions of the Turtles' classic weapons on Spirit Halloween. We particularly like the foam versions of Donnie's Bo Staff, Mikey's Nunchucks, Leo's Katana (you will need two), and Raphael's Sais. These would be great for a full on display, to battle your co-workers, or your own children. Check them out HERE.

Kids Thanos Gauntlet - Marvel

There have been several renditions of the Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. There is a good chance you either balked at the price or failed to find one in the wild. We love the paint and details on the one we found on Spirit Halloween. Now it is for the "kids" but it would make an awesome display piece for the home office. Order HERE.

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