10 Power Rangers Toy Commercials for Power Rangers Day 2018

At nearly the 11th hour (well a week or so ago), Hasbro announced that August 28th would be the first official Power Rangers Day. This day is significant as it was the day the Power Rangers premiered on TV in the US, back in 1993! Since then, there have been a lot of Power Rangers incarnations and a lot of toys. We thought we would fall down the rabbit hole that is YouTube to find 10 Power Ranger commercials that were (in one way or the other) worthwhile. #AFJ4LIFE #powerrangersday

Power Rangers Mystic Force- Stretch Toys Commercial UK
So the Brits like to stretch their Power Rangers?

Power Rangers Movie T-Rex Zord Toy Commercial
One of the last toys still at Toys R Us. I never saw this commercial on TV, apparently no one else did either.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Talkin' Rangers & Lord Zedd
Talking figures are cool when you are a kid, as a Collector, they are a nightmare of old battery acid and slurred speech.

Power Rangers Megaforce - Gosei Morpher
How many kids actually asked their parents first before downloading an app? Better yet, how many parents ask their kids to download them a new app?!

Power Rangers - Morphin Zeo
Wait for it... as the Green Ranger actually steps in it. :O

Power Rangers Wild Force Battlezone Action Figure Wireless Gloves
This is crazy and probably started a lot of actually fights between kids.

Power Rangers Samurai McDonald's Toy Commercial
Who doesn't love a good happy meal toy?!

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - Dual Drive Megazord
These look awesome! Giant combiner robots? Sign us up!

Power Rangers Megaforce - Toys R Us Holiday Commercial
:(... We're still not over TRU closing.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Ninja Steel Morpher and Blade
Check ou this kid's mad skills!

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