10 Sectaurs Toy Commercials (A Serialized Adventure)

Welcome to AFJ's retro toy commercial column. This week we have decided to focus on Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion TV spots. As you will see below, in 1985 Coleco attempted to tell a story in the commercials highlighting the toys and enticing kids to pick up them at the toy store. It is best to think of them as old movie serials. You will see that the line is heavy with giant insects that are puppets. This comes from co-creator Tim Clarke's work with the Jim Henson company. Sit back and enjoy a Saturday morning with the Sectaurs. If you need more Sectaurs adventures there was a Marvel Comic that ran for an eight-issue limited series to track down and short-lived cartoon series! #AFJ4LIFE

FYI: There is a Kickstarter by ZICA Toys to revitalize the line. Hopefully, the Sectaurs will fly again!

Sectaurs Mini-Series Ep. 01 "Spidrax Attacks"

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