10 Slamin’ Vintage WWF Toy Commercials

Summer Slam 2018 is upon us and we here at AFJ thought it was time to spotlight a few wrestling toys again. We went old school here, Junkies. There are a lot of them out there (toys), but we tried to pick some of the more unique, classic, and odd toys in the bunch. The performances by the wrestlers though are truly the best parts. #AFJ4LIFE

"Like being in the Ring!" 
You gotta love Roddy Piper's intensity here. The man could sell anything.

1988 WWF Action Figures Commercial
Narrated by Vince McMahon and featuring a slew of appearances from the WWF all-stars.

1984-85 WWF LJN Wrestling Superstars Commercial
Big John Stud must have been sick that day.

World Wrestling Federation WWF Action Figure Hall of Pain Playset Toy TV Commercial
This playset looks awesome! Anyone else notice the kid's shirt?

WWF Ice Cream Bars
We know, not really a toy, but you have to love how the WWF would market itself with commercials for their products in-between matches.

WWF Wrestlemania Nintendo Commercial
Loved this game, despite it only being 8 MEG! Was Hulk Hogan sick that day too?

WWF Toys R Us Promo Spot
Hug the Ultimate Warrior? Bonk Hulk Hogan? Just what are selling us here Mean Gene Okerlund?

WWF Wrestling Buddies commercial (1990)
This was pretty much every Saturday morning when wrestling was on.

 WWF Maximum Sweat
This one is just weird. Do you really need your toys to sweat? Love the look of the figures though (see the worst of the line HERE).

WWF Wrestling Superstars Steel Cage Match
We had these too! They were a tad better than the big ones.

WWE Action Figures, Rings, Titles, and Masks 2018 Commercial
Just to show you how far we've come (or haven't).

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