Currently, on a distant planet, Las Vegas, Nevada, Star Trek is being celebrated by Creation Entertainment with their "Summer of Trek".  We are not attending this year, we hope to in the future, but we do love our Star Trek. We are looking forward to season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery as well as Star Trek: Picard. AFJ thought it was high time to celebrate Trek all over again with a look at some vintage toy commercials. It's just what we love to do on a Saturday! Enjoy Trekkies! #AFJ4LIFE

Mego Star Trek Playset (1975)
Love it, need it! So damn cool!

Mego Star Trek 3-Inch Toys
Apparently, the makers of the commercial knew nothing about Star Trek.

Star Trek: Intergalactic Projector
Really cool and awesome that it still exists, the commercial, on YouTube. 

Mego Star Trek Communication Console
That looks awesome. Probably still gets better reception than Verizon.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Galoob)
I have never seen that cardboard cut out of the Enterprise before!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Toys (Playmates)
Love the lighting that is used here. This was after Season 3 and 4, clearly by the costumes and the Borg figure.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Bridge Playset (1994)
I am thoroughly impressed with how STTNG they cover here in figures and story.

Star Trek: Generations Action Figures (1994)
If only the movie would have been as cool as this TV spot.

Star Trek: TNG - Action Accessories 
The Starships were great but it took a lot of complaints to get them to manufacture stands for them!

Star Trek (2009) Burger King Happy Meal Toys 
I'll admit it, I have the communicator, still.

!!!Bonus TV Spot!!!

Star Trek: The Animated Series - Nickelodeon Commercial
We are big fans of the animated Star Trek series. Check out this vintage spot from Nickelodeon.

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