Since May the Fourth has come and gone, we can assume that there are no Star Wars toy surprises until Comic-Con. We did find out that Entertainment Earth will release an exclusive Admiral Piett in June (pictured below, order HERE). Never did we think that old Firmus Piett would get the Black Series treatment. Don’t get us wrong we will have one because it is Admiral Piett, but there is a slew of other characters that still need Black Series figures made.

Admiral Piett

Here is our wish list for the next wave of Black Series figures. We have included a Comic-Con Exclusive, a Fan Choice, and yet another vehicle!

Bib Fortuna
Bib Fortuna
Who better than Bib Fortuna to stand next to Jabba on his royal throne. Bib is a fan favorite who has had everything from a Power of the Force figure to a Sideshow Collectible (with variant) made in his likeness. If the faceless Resistance, from the Force Awakens, soldiers can have a Black Series figure, Bib deserves one too.

Nien Nunb
Nien Nunb
A hero from the Battle of Endor and Starkiller Base clearly deserves a Black Series figure. Which version should we get? Personally, I would prefer his outfit from Return of the Jedi, but like Admiral Ackbar’s 6-inch release, he will probably be from the new trilogy.

Endor Leia (Fatigues)
Endor Leia (Fatigues)
This is one that we like to call the warrior Leia. In fact, this addition to the Black Series is long overdue. We need more soldiers and the Battle of Endor is a huge moment from the series. Perhaps a Comic-Con exclusive of Leia in her Ewok gown?

Captain Panaka
Captain Panaka
An odd choice, we grant you, but with 2019 right around the corner, Hasbro and Lucasfilm may celebrate the 20th-anniversary release of The Phantom Menace. We doubt it will be a huge undertaking but a Black Series of Captain Panaka would be a welcome addition to the Black Series line.

General Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian
We have Cloud City Lando and young Lando, however, we thought this one was a no-brainer. After all, they made a Black Series rendition in 3-inch line. Good luck finding one of those. Yes, we want General Lando in the 6-inch scale.

Ewok Two-Pack Wicket and Paploo

If you can believe it, there are no Ewoks on the 6-inch scale. Now we might be dreaming a bit, getting an Ewok two-pack, after all, we only got one Jawa, but the price point should really drop when the scale is the same but the amount of actual plastic is vastly different. Maybe throw in a catapult? Wicket is the obvious choice, but we picked Paploo because he was the one who stole the Speeder Bike.

Biggs Darklighter (Fan Choice)
Biggs Darklighter
It has been a while since Hasbro and Lucasfilm have opened up the polls for a fan pick. The previous choices have been great (Sabine Ren and Darth Revan), yet we want to see Biggs Darklighter in his deleted scene garb. Yep, the outfit from those pesky scenes you have to hunt for to watch.

Lobot is also one of the funkier characters in Star Wars. I am sure that by the time the 40th anniversary of Empire lands, Lobot will see the light of day. There are so many great 6-inch figures from Empire, that Lobot screams to made.

Storm IV Twin-Pod Cloud Car with Pilot
Cloud Car
The First Order TIE Fighter was insanely awesome. The price might have been steep, but thrifty shoppers found them for a lot less. We need another mega vehicle and my suggestion would be a Storm IV Twin-Pod Cloud Car, It would make a great addition to the line and one that would help boost the sales of Lando. The pilot of the Cloud car is obvious figure to come with it.

Comic-Con/ Star Wars Celebration Exclusive: The Rancor with Malakili
The Rancor with Malakili
There has already been a Comic-Con/ Star Wars Celebration exclusive figure, actually three times now. I want them to up their game with these exclusives and release a Rancor, complete with his handler Malakili as a massive exclusive. This is not so grandiose when you look at the First Order TIE Fighter, nor their other Comic-Con Marvel Exclusives (Sentinel and Galactus). Just imagine a Rancor, truly larger than life to pit against your Jedi Luke Skywalker.

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