AFJ’S 10 Stellar Retro Toy Commercials

Today, AFJ has mixed a few rare toy lines into our mix of nostalgia and wonder. Many of these toys did not survive for reasons that are obvious. However, the main reason that many did not survive is how could they compete with the big four of the eighties? Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, and Transformers were behemoths. We hope you enjoy today’s crop of Stellar Retro Toy Commercials! #AFJ4Life

Super Naturals
A cool concept, but ultimately a one trick pony.

Masters of the Universe Movie Toy Commercial
The MOTU movie is really bad, now the new characters in the film and their figures were awesome!

Rock Lords

The GoBots were really reaching here. It did tie to the movie, but transforming rock robots? Lame.

Zoids: Giant Zrk 

I think the reason Zoids did not survive was they did not become crossover toys. Today brands cross over their properties. We’ve had Star Wars Transformers in the past. Imagine if there had been Star Wars Zoids with a Jawa theme. Or better yet a Transformers Zoids line?

Mad Scientist Monster Lab

This was actually really cool and kind of twisted, if you think about it. A perfect toy for someone who loved to burn their toys with a magnifying glass. First, you create your monster then you destroy it.

Perhaps the best-mechanized battle Spider that only had 6 legs! This was a great and goofy toy from Mattel.

I had a couple of these when I was a kid. They were fun to mismatch and create different combinations of robots. See the eighties weren’t all bad.

Wheeled Warriors
This toy line was actually supported by a cartoon series. Neither endured the eighties.


This RoboCop figure may be the precursor to TurboMan.

Godzilla - Shogun Warrior Collection
In case you haven’t noticed, AFJ loves this particular Godzilla. It makes many of our top 10 lists and columns. There were some real duds above in this list, this is still a fantastic toy.


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