10 Terrific ThunderCats Toy Commercials

The ThunderCats are an interesting anomaly when it comes to toys and their cartoon counterpart. The cartoon series, with its heavy Arthurian Legend overtones, was fantastic. The toys were less than spectacular. What was spectacular was the effort behind the marketing of ThunderCats. It has obviously endured and to this day you can hit up a GameStop and pick up Mumm-Ra, Lion-O, or Slythe action figure. Journey back with us and witness the ThunderCats in their TV Commercial endeavors. #AFJ4LIFE

Lion-O and Mumm-Ra
Lion-O's left arm barely moves. Mumm-Ra has this in the bag.

Cats Lair
This was a massive playset and completely worth getting, even to this day!

I wonder if only Panthro could fit in the back? 

Mumm-Ra's Tomb Fortress
Damn, it is pretty cool. It goes from anywhere from $30 to $250 on eBay, right now. 

The Berskers
I guess they needed to add more villains as the Mutants were pretty lame. 

Thundercats UK Toy Commercial
A better quality (image-wise) and a better representation of the whole line.

Thundercats Burger King Commercial
Yeah, we threw in a Happy Meal spot. The Eighties really were the best.

New Villains and Allies
Not Tusk-O Man?

Thundercats Toys and BubbleYum Candy Ad
Odds of winning 1:70.

Thundercats Laser Fighters
Ah, gimmicks, the true sign of a dying toy line. This is a bit of Laser Tag and Captain Power, with ThunderCats.

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