Wonder Woman presents a bit of dilemma for Pop Culture writers. Why do you ask? Outside of the TV series starring Lynda Carter, her appearance on several cartoons, and a ton of comic books she has never been a monstrous part of the Pop Culture Zeitgeist, until now. No offense to those fans of Diana Prince. It’s just that when we have a new Superman, Spider-Man, or Batman film, we have a ton of material to draw upon. Best gadget, lamest villain, and so fourth. Wonder Woman is a tougher topic to cover. As this is AFJ’s Saturday morning Toy Commercial column, we wanted to give the Amazon her due. Sadly we only found a few toy commercials for Wonder Woman. We did fill in the gaps with a few additional PSAs and TV specials that we know you will love.

Mego Wonder Woman Doll

With fly away action? Sign me up!

Safety with Wonder Woman
Words to live by!

Mego 12 inch Superman & Wonder Woman

I never knew they made a General Zod Mego! I love the music here for Wonder Woman’s segment. 

Super Friends Crafts Tip With Wonder Woman

I’ll admit it, I did this one a long time ago.

Wonder Woman Mego Doll 

She had a super foe? I have never heard of her. 

Super Friends De-Coder Clues With Wonder Woman

I got it on the first try!

Woolworth Woolco Halloween Costumes

The road to being a cosplayer started here, at Woolworth’s. 

Lynda Carter on "A Special Olivia Newton-John" (1976)
Remember Wonder Woman, the TV series, was originally set during WW2. So yes, she is out of time here. 

Wonder Woman’s Shield
Nothing really new here. Captain America’s shield did the same thing. 

Wonder Woman's introduction to Lynda Carter Special (1980)
I don't know if it was cool or sad that she still had to dress as Wonder Woman for her own network special. 

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