2018 NYCC Funko Exclusives Reveals: Anime, Disney, Movies and Scott Pilgrim Cereal?!

There have been a plethora of reveals from Funko for the NYCC 2018. We have everything from Toy Story to Coming to America to pick up. We also have our first exclusive FunkO's cereal for the con revealed! Scott Pilgrim fans will be thrilled! AFJ will be in attendance at the Con, will you? #AFJ4LIFE

FYI: "Please note that if you want to access the Funko booth at NYCC, you must enter this online lottery by 9/24!"

Pop! Animation New York Comic Con exclusive figures include Brook from Shonen Jump’s One Piece.
Pop! Animation figures include Brook from Shonen Jump’s One Piece, Eto from Tokyo Ghoul.

Pop! Animation: Tokyo Ghoul - Eto in Bandages (Hot Topic)

Pop! Animation figures include a 6” supersized Great Ape Vegeta and a blue chrome Super Saiyan Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

Pop! Animation: DBZ - 6" Great Ape Vegeta (Hot Topic)

Pop! Animation: DBZ- Vegeta (Blue Chrome) (Toy Tokyo)

Disney New York Comic Con exclusives including a two-pack of black and white Disney Mickey Mouse vinyl figures from the Mickey’s 90th celebration series, a Little Whirlwind Mickey Pop! from the same collection, Sora from Kingdom Hearts in Pop!  guardian form, the cunning Shere Khan from Tailspin and a truly epic Pop! Rides version of the Pizza Planet Truck driven by Buzz Lightyear from Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story.

Mini Vinyl Figures: Disney - Mickey Mouse (2-pack) (B&W) (Amazon)
Pop! Disney: Mickey's 90th - Whirlwind Mickey (Walmart)
Pop! Disney: KH3 - Sora as Guardian (Walmart)

Pop! Disney: TaleSpin - Shere Khan with Hands Together (GameStop/ EB Games)
Pop! Rides: Toy Story - Pizza Planet truck (BoxLunch)

Horror fans will scream for this New York Comic Con exclusive - Rock Candy Grady twins from classic film The Shining.

Rock Candy: The Shining - The Grady Twins (Target)

The secretive Margot Tenebaum of The Royal Tenebaums makes a stylish, if melancholy, Rock Candy figure for New York Comic Con!

Rock Candy: The Royal Tenenbaums - Margot (Funko Shop)
Frenemies Max Fischer and Herman Blume from Wes Anderson’s Rushmore make a compelling Vynl. duo for New York Comic Con!

Vynl.: Rushmore - Max Fischer and Herman Blume (BoxLunch)

Vynl. Prince Akeem and Randy Watson from Coming to America are expecting a royal welcome.

Vynl.: Coming To America - Akeem & Randy (Target)

Gizmo and Stripe from Gremlins are ready to make some mischief as a Vynl. pair.

Vynl.: Gremlins - Gremlins in 3D Glasses (GameStop/EB Games)

The Coraline Pop! looks adorable in her pajamas for New York Comic Con 2018!

Pop! Movies: Coraline - Coraline in PJs (Hot Topic)
The Fugitive Predator Pop! from Predator is appropriately terrifying.Pop! Movies: The Predator – Fugitive Predator (Books-A-Million)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a movie rich with delightful characters, among them Knives Chau who is available as a Pocket Pop! and mascot for FunkO’s Cereal. The Katayanagi twins—Ramona Flowers’ fifth and sixth evil exes—are ready for battle as a Pop! two-pack.
Pop! Cereal: FunkO's - Scott Pilgrim - Knives Chau (Funko Shop)
Pop! Movies: Scott Pilgrim - Katayanagi Twins (Funko Shop)
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