The Holiday Season is upon us (Baby Yoda help us). We decided to track down and list our favorite Holiday action figures for 2019, just for you. These are all NEW action figures and currently out there somewhere (we supply links for most of them). This year there is more than enough new holiday figures on the market to have something for everyone on your holiday list. Have a favorite? Think we missed one? Post it in the comment section below!

Gremlins Christmas Carol Winter Scene 7-Inch Scale Action Figure 2-Pack - NECA (order here)
Last year, NECA released a Gizmo complete with Santa hat. In that time there have been several Gremlins to hit the shelves. For this December, who better to populate your holiday decorations than 2 caroling Gremlins. These are sweet and come with a plethora of accessories. Easily found at Target locations. 

POP! Star Wars: Boba Fett Animated Only at GameStop (order here)
Technically, Life Day happened already (November 17th) but the GameStop Exclusive Boba Fett is still a perfect holiday for the Star Wars fan in your life. It is in the style of the animated cartoon that was the only bright spot in the Star Wars Holiday Special. Oh, it doesn't hurt that he bears a great resemblance to the Mandalorian either.

Nightmare Before Christmas Series Town Hall Fountain Deluxe Minimates Box Set (order here)
It's hard to ignore The Nightmare Before Christmas at Christmas. This year, instead of all the other Diamond Select Toy releases from the film, we are going with the Town Hall Fountain Deluxe Minimates Box Set. It just feels right and great to place around the holiday punch bowl. 

Pop! Marvel: Holiday - Funko (order here)
You know Marvel was going to bring the Holiday cheer and what better way to celebrate than having Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Deadpool, Captain America, and Thanos decked out for the Holidays! Easily found at GameStop, Target, and F.Y.E.

Krampus On The Mantle (order here)
Trust us, in a couple of more years, Michael Dougherty's 2015 film, Krampus, is going to reach Cult Status. There will be "classic" screenings at Movie Tavern and products like the F.Y.E. Exclusive "Krampus on the Mantle" will be going for bank on eBay. Get one now as a gift to your future self. 

Star Wars BB-19H Holiday Droid Figure - Disney Parks Only
If this is your type of thing, set a Google Alert for 2020's Droid. Why? The Disney Stores do not sell these in their locations, nor are they on their website (sold out, small window). They go really fast. The only place you can pick these up is at a Disney Park. Perhaps you know someone who is going to one this season? BTW, they do a Halloween droid as well. 

Mickey's 90th Holiday Mickey Pop! Vinyl Figure #455 (order here)
There has been a lot of hubub about Batman's 80th anniversary this year, but little, that we have seen about Mickey Mouse's 90th. What better way to mark the year and the season than by picking up Holiday Mickey! Your next descision is whether or not to keep him in the box or not? 

Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019 - LEGO #75245 (order here)

The traditional Advent Calendar took to a Star Wars/ Lego colletor's level! This one is readily available at most Target and Lego stores. Why? Well, die-hard (Star Wars) fans seem to be skipping it this year as there is no Santa Vader but there is a holiday Porg! Not to mention a lot of great Empire Strikes Back homages in this set (which celebrates its 40th anniversary next year). Still a great gift to give fun for the fan at heart.

Peppermint Lane Santa Claus Pop! Vinyl Figure (order here)
Now if you need Mrs. Calus there is one of her too. "Peppermint Lane" is Funko's version of the "Christmas Village" so be on the lookout for new additons to this line for years to come. A Santa Pop! just seems appropriate, especially in a list of 2019 holiday theme toys.

Melting Stripe Mondoid Vinyl Figure (order here)
This is the one that makes your normal friends cringe when they see it. You know, however, that Gremlins is and forever will be a Christmas movie. Mondo has these on their website now, yet, they seem to be hitting other retailers after Christmas. If you have a fountain, but Stripe in it, for the holidays. 

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