31 Days of Horror Figures 2019 – Herman Munster – DAY 13

Figure: “Hot Rod” Herman Munster
Company: Funko
Retail Exclusive: Walgreens (US)
Series: Pop! Television
Property: The Munsters
Availability: Secondary Market
Entry for 2018 (HERE)

Welcome to 31 Days of Horror Figures 2019. For the month of October, we will be spotlighting the very best of the macabre, bizarre, monstrous, and villainous action figures the industry has to offer. There will be both old and new figures here and perhaps even a significance to why we picked that figure for that day (and perhaps not). This is NOT a ranking list, just full-blown horror fun for the greatest month of the year. 

Once again, Funko and Walgreens have teamed up to make our collecting lives a living hell. Harsh, you say? Not at all. However, if the companies are going to have an exclusive toy it would be fantastic if you could walk into a Walgreens and find one on the shelf. Last year I was told that one location got two of that year’s exclusives. Another one told me that they wouldn’t have any because they were too close to a Spirit Halloween to carry anything extra for the holiday. This Walgreens was close to a hospital as well but still found the need to carry bandages and Tylenol. I am digressing.

This year, Funko released Hot Rod Herman as a holiday season exclusive. I was fortunate enough to put the word out that I need one, being a huge fan of the TV series, and a friend in San Diego scored one for me. This is Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster from the classic episode of The Munsters TV show that introduced the world to the "Drag-u-la" car (Season 1, Episode 36). Sadly, Grandpa and his crazy hot rod outfit did not get a release.

Being a monster fan of The Munsters it was a must-have for us here at AFJHQ. It’s strange how a toy can bring us closer to something we love. It allows us to hold something tangible in our hands, to feel as if it is completely ours. For me, The Munsters reminds me of long Summer afternoons with my Grandfather watching this old series and laughing together over and over again. So as mad as I am at Funko and Walgreens for making these exclusive troublesome to get, I say thank you for the memories.

Enjoy a series of clips collected below from the episode and check out the full list of figures as it evolves HERE.

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