31 Days of Horror Figures 2019 – Mego Nosferatu – DAY 5

Figure: Nosferatu (Max Shreck)
Company: Mego
Series: Mego Horror
Variant: Glow in the Dark (pictured on right)
Property: Nosferatu (1922)
Availability: Order HERE (full wave)
See 2018's Entry HERE

Welcome to AFJ's 31 Days of Horror Figures 2019. For the month of October, we will be spotlighting the very best of the macabre, bizarre, monstrous, and villainous action figures the industry has to offer. There will be both old and new figures here and perhaps even a significance to why we picked that figure for that day (and perhaps not). This is NOT a ranking list, just full-blown horror fun for the greatest month of the year.

MEGO came back in a big way in 2018. At the beginning of 2019, we noticed an increase in horror and Star Trek figures over the addition of more figures from TV properties like The Brady Bunch and Married with Children. Though figures from those two properties were fun, we'll take the crew of the Enterprise and monsters any day. Our first must-have in the new monster wave was Nosferatu himself. We have shared our review of this original release of this figure below. Yet, as companies often do, MEGO started releasing variants of this rendition of Max Schrek, only this time he glowed in the dark.

Whichever version appeals to you, monster toys are always fun and an incredible addition to any collection (hence this list). We found this MEGO to have an incredible and highly stylized jacket. Yes, the figure is creepy as hell but it is the combination of the artistry behind it and the love for the property that places (either) Noseferatu on our list.

See our review of the figure (below) and check out AFJ's full list of figures as it evolves HERE.

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