31 Days of Horror Figures 2019 – The Mummy – Day 25

Figure: The Mummy
Company: Mezco Toyz
Series: 9-Inch Action Figure
Property: The Mummy (1932)
Availability: Secondary Market
Entry for 2018 (HERE)

Welcome to 31 Days of Horror Figures 2019. For the month of October, we will be spotlighting the very best of the macabre, bizarre, monstrous, and villainous action figures the industry has to offer. There will be both old and new figures here and perhaps even a significance to why we picked that figure for that day (and perhaps not). This is NOT a ranking list, just full-blown horror fun for the greatest month of the year.

I remember seeing Mezco's Mummy at Toys R Us (in 2013). I thought I would play the waiting game on purchasing it, as they had a large amount of the figure. I went back a week a later and they were all gone. I never did see it again, in stores. Thankfully, this beautiful and stylized rendition of Boris Karloff's Imhotep is still available and at a reasonable price on the secondary market.

As for the film, I used to think The Mummy was one of the odder and least likable of all the Universal Monster films. The sequels had almost ties to the original film and Karloff wasn't even in them. I sat down a few years ago and watched someone give a small lecture on the film before a 35mm screening. My eyes opened up to just how wonderful the film is.

How can you recreate this experience? Watch the special features on the Blu-ray and listen to the commentary track. I am pretty sure the speaker took his notes from there. If you love this figure, as much as we do, there is a Frankenstein version as well. A fantastic set of bookends if ever there was one for your classic horror library.Enjoy the trailer for Universal’s The Mummy below and check out the full list of figures as it evolves HERE.


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