31 Days of Horror Figures: Son of Frankenstein – Day 8

Figure: Son of Frankenstein
Company: Diamond Select Toys
Series: Universal Monsters
Property: Son of Frankenstein
Availability: Secondary Market

Welcome to AFJ's 31 Days of Horror Figures. For the month of October, we will be spotlighting the very best of the macabre, bizarre, monstrous, and villainous action figures the industry has to offer. There will be both old and new figures here and perhaps even a significance to why we picked that figure for that day (and perhaps not). This is NOT a ranking list, just full blown horror fun for the greatest month of the year. #AFJ4LIFE

Today, we present to you Diamond Select's 7-inch Universal Monsters Wave 5 action figure, the Son of Frankenstein. This the third story in Universal Monsters Universe and the very last time Boris Karloff would portray the monster.

We love this figure, crafted by Jean St. Jean, for numerous reasons. Clearly, Jean captures the essence of Karloff in the monster's face. The elongated jaw alone makes us expect him to open his mouth with that charming British accent. We also love the intricate details of the wooly sweater. Yet, as much as he could just stand there and be a brilliant piece on display, the lab accessories (original release seen at bottom) take it to that place of awe. Which is what this character and actor so rightfully deserve.

There was a Toys R Us exclusive (immediately below), which is fine is, but a true toy/ monster hunter will go for the one with the lab. See the film's trailer below and check out AFJ's full list of figures as it evolves HERE.

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