31 Days of Horror Figures: Spider Gremlin – Day 27

Figure: Spider Gremlin
Company: NECA
Series: Gremlins (Reel Toys)
Property: Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Availability: Order Here

Welcome to AFJ's 31 Days of Horror Figures. For the month of October, we will be spotlighting the very best of the macabre, bizarre, monstrous, and villainous action figures the industry has to offer. There will be both old and new figures here and perhaps even a significance to why we picked that figure for that day (and perhaps not). This is NOT a ranking list, just full blown horror fun for the greatest month of the year. #AFJ4LIFE

Thankfully, this one, the Spider Gremlin from Joe Dante's Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990), keeps getting re-released by NECA. It is a breathtaking, almost lifelike, creation based on Doctor Catheter's (Christopher Lee) experiments on gene splicing a gremlin and a spider. Obviously, you will you need one NECA's Gizmos (out now as well at Target) to complete the epic showdown. If pure horror is all that you need, without the cute and fluffy Rambo version of Gizmo, the Spider Gremlin is perfect for any Halloween Haunt. 

Bravo NECA!

See the film's trailer below and check out AFJ's full list of figures as it evolves HERE.

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