5 Marvel Characters That STILL Need Marvel Legends – Part 4: X-Men

Hasbro's Marvel Legends line is a behemoth to collect. Not only are they constantly expanding the line, but they are also releasing characters from Marvel's movies and their TV shows (oh, and video games now too). The logic behind what characters are chosen can be a bit confusing. Sometimes it can be who is going to resurface in the comic universe. Another factor can be fan demand. There is, of course, all the factors we, as fans, are not privy too. We decided to poke the dragon that is the Marvel Legends fandom with a list of our own. Over the next 5 days (this day 4 of 5), we will post our list of characters that still need Marvel Legends.

Note: Though Comic-Con 2019 may be over there are still multiple conventions left for Hasbro to make announcements on who is in the works for 2020.

First Appearance: Longshot #1
Powers: Psychometry, an expert in hand-to-hand combat, and extremely lucky.
Last Action Figure: There was a Marvel Legend of Longshot released in 2006.
Why: Superignglsy, the 2006 figure is reasonably priced on the secondary market. It's a decent figure too. Perhaps this is one for the die-hard X-Men fans but he is long overdue for re-release with new articulation.


Identity: Major Christopher Summers
First Appearance: X-Men #104
Powers: Skilled pilot and swordsmen.
Last Action Figure: 1994, Toy Biz release. It was only a 4.75-inch scale release.
Why: The X-Men, by Disney, were the untouched characters of the Marvel Universe. With Disney owning all the other characters, they deemed it fit to leave many of the X-Men out of circulation. This caused characters like Cyclops' father to be left to the pages of the comics. The whole Starjammer team would be great as a SDCC box set. However, with the Retro Marvel Legends getting a lot of attention, Corsair is a perfect match for that line.

Goblin Queen
Identity: Madelyne Pryor
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #168
Powers: A full spectrum of magical abilities.
Last Action Figure: A Toy Biz Previews Exclusive, 5-inch scale.
Why: A lot of people want the one time wife of Scott Summers in the black outfit. It is not hard to see why, however, is this something Disney is going to greenlight? I already feel as if Legends are adult collector toys. The Goblin Queen in this outfit pretty much nails that moniker. With that being said, she is often tapped as the subject for statues from Marvel so there is a chance.

Sebastion Shaw
Identity: Sebastian Hiram Shaw
First Appearance: The Uncanny X-Men #129
Powers: Mutant with the ability to absorb different types of energy.
Last Action Figure: None.
Why: An odd choice, but at this point, he has never had a figure made. Fans love to do customs of him which makes him long overdue.

 David Charles Haller
First Appearance: New Mutants #25
Powers: Reality Warping, Time Travel, Shapeshifting, and Time Travel.
Last Action Figure: None, as far as we could find, never in any size.
Why: Hasbro has released a few characters from the live-action Marvel TV shows but not Legion, as portrayed by Dan Stevens. It would open the flood gates from characters for all their TV shows if they did.



 Nicholas Hunter
First Appearance: X-Men vol.1 #191 (March
Powers: Energy absorption and projection. Shapeshifting and teleportation.
Last Action Figure: Never
Why: This character has never seen its likeness as a figure. We feel as if Nimrod is unique enough to warrant a Build-A-Figure. The one caveat is that Hasbro would have to create some new molds for his designs.

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