5 Marvel Characters That STILL Need Marvel Legends – Part 5: X-Men (MORE)

Hasbro's Marvel Legends line is a behemoth to collect. Not only are they constantly expanding the line, but they are also releasing characters from Marvel's movies and their TV shows (oh, and video games now too). The logic behind what characters are chosen can be a bit confusing. Sometimes it can be who is going to resurface in the comic universe. Another factor can be fan demand. There is, of course, all the factors we, as fans, are not privy too. We decided to poke the dragon that is the Marvel Legends fandom with a list of our own. Over the past 5 days (this day 5 of 5), we posted our list of characters that still need Marvel Legends, however, with the X-Men, we need to do two days.

Note: Though Comic-Con 2019 may be over there are still multiple conventions left for Hasbro to make announcements on who is in the works for 2020.

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)
Identity: Logan/James Howlett
First Appearance: X-Men (film, 2000)
Powers: You mean you don't know?
Last Action Figure: There have been numerous incarnations of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.
Why: Many companies like Hot Toys, Mezco Toyz, and Diamond Select Toys have been producing the likenesses of the actor in his signature role for years. The closest Hasbro has come to doing it are the old Toy Biz figures from the movies. Hasbro is long overdue to produce an upgraded release from those now dated designs. Besides, to make their money back off of one of the crazier releases, they will need a sure-fire hit in the wave. Who better than Wolverine?

Mimic (The Exiles)
Identity: Calvin Montgomery Rankin
First Appearance: Exiles #1
Powers: Able to Mimic the abilities of at least 5 different individuals.
Last Action Figure: None.
Why: The ability to adapt five different individuals would allow for some incredible accessories and attachments. Above you can see Calvin with Colossus' skin and Wolverine's claws. This one-time Avenger is a perfect addition to the Marvel Legends line.

First Appearance: X-Force (vol. 1) #116
Powers: Flight, the ability to replicate physical objects, can store physical objects within.
Last Action Figure: 2004, as an accessory to Deadpool.
Why: Doop is one of those odd little characters that warranted a figure but only as an accessory to another figure. When Spider-Ham was released, it showed Hasbro that small characters could get a big release (at the $19.99 price point) as long as the Build-A-Figure piece made up the financial difference. Doop could see the action figure aisle again with this in mind.

First Appearance: Captain America #307
Healing Factor and Insanity Inducer.
Last Action Figure: Deadpool accessory (alternate head) 2018.
Why: Madcap is one of those crazy mutants who has bounced around different Marvel Comics for decades. True die-hards know who he is and his recent head (an alternative head in 2018's Deadpool wave) allowed his recognition to grow. The hat and sword accessories were great but a true Madcap, with his outfit, is needed. Hasbro is a third of the way there already. If you look at this design above they already have all the parts they need.

Identity: Franklin Richards
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Annual #6
Powers: Matter and Energy Manipulation.
Last Action Figure: Franklin Richards, as a child, has had a figure. We are focusing more on the older/ futuristic Franklin from the Days of Future Past storyline.
Why: Retro X-Men and classic storylines always go over big the X-Men fans. Though very simple in design, this figure would make another great Walgreens Exclusive.

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