Since it is May the Fourth, I thought AFJ should look back at the original Star Wars Trilogy and the additional media that surrounded it. Why? To find those last few figures we need for our Star Wars collection. If you can believe it, we were able to find a few here and there that Hasbro and Lucasfilm STILL haven’t made into the 3.75 mold. What shocked me was that they already made a C-3PX figure (droid in the header). Furthermore, they haven’t even re-launched the Droids figures yet. Come on Hasbro, we’re waiting, but until the Droids figures comes back, we would like the following figures.

5. Noa


Noa was played by Wilford Brimley in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985). He was a wily old hermit living on Endor and minding his own business. He held his own against a few baddies and saved Cindel Towani from certain death. Need another reason? They already made a Teek figure for the Star Tours ride.

4. Jabba the Hutt
The original Jabba the Hutt had a very human looking stand-in. Declan Hullholland played old Jabba and a figure of him is long over due. Hasbro has already made deleted scene figures of Camie and Fixer, as well as a few others. Declan’s appearance is close enough in our books.

3. Jaxxon
Jaxxon was originally seen in Marvel’s Star Wars Comic #8 titled “Eight for Aduba-3”. If you think this is a terrible idea, remember there are far worse figures out there. Yarna d'al' Gargan is a perfect example. Our suggestion is to leave behind the comic book colors for a more serious rendition.

2. Tag and Bink
After the prequels, we all needed to laugh again. Kevin Rubio already had us with his short film Troops and this comic was a prefect follow up. The adventures of Tag and Bink take us in and around our beloved Saga. Figures of these two should have come out a long time ago.

1. The Alderaan Stormtrooper
The Alderaan Stormtrooper
Star Wars Marvel comic #86 titled “The Alderaan Factor” is where we find a Stormtrooper doing the unthinkable: he rescued Princess Leia. This unnamed Stormtrooper gave a new dimension to these, at the time, faceless characters in the Star Wars universe. So, Hasbro, where is our Alderaan Stormtrooper? Check out his bio on Star Wars Wookieepedia.

May the Fourth be with you...

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