Star Wars Episode VII is right around the corner. Hasbro will launch its wave of toys on September 4th (#forcefridaycountdown) and we will be inundated with new figures and ships from the upcoming film. We have to expect that Hasbro is still going to release original trilogy items as well as even prequel toys. My question is “When are we going to see a Death Star?” It was one of the essential playsets of the original series and has not been remade. I could spout a long list of Kenner products that they simply revamped from the original molds. Hasbro has even re-imagined several others. This is my short list of 5 other playsets that need to be remade by Hasbro, which keeps in line with what they have done recently (in the last 20 years). Their argument always seems to be the cost but when other companies (Lego) have done one, you ask what they are waiting for.

5. Echo Base
What might have been one of the biggest teases ever was Hasbro’s display at Comic-Con in 2010. A full Echo Base was created to display their revamped Millennium Falcon, tons of figures, and two of their giant AT-AT’s. The pictures provided do not even bring a third of it to life. All that Hasbro needs to create is the side details. Pipes, walls, and light fixtures to create your own Echo Base. The vehicles and figures exist, now let’s build something together. PLAYSETS2

5. Jabba’s Palace
A perfect playset as it fits into both the original trilogy and The Clone Wars series. The picture provided is a fan made playset using only original figures. Now, practically every character from these scenes exists. A grand playset featuring Jabba’s throne, the trap door, Han’s wall, and a spot for the band is all we need. If Hasbro would go all out, the holding cells would be nice as well and the droid shop. Jabba’s Palace would be a pleasure to display. PLAYSETS3

3. The Cantina
It was made before in both a hard plastic version and a cardboard fold out. This is a simple playset that can easily play into any part of the Star Wars Saga. It is time for that "wretched hive of scum and villainy” to live again. PLAYSETS6

2. Carbon-Freezing Chamber
The POTJ series did have their own carbon-freezing chamber and it was terrible. If it lacked anything it was substance. There were too many empty spaces and not enough walls. I guess we had to supply our own smoke to hide that. This playset is essential. It supplies the backdrop for one of the greatest moments in Star Wars history; it is also the place where father and son meet for the first time.

1. Jabba’s Sail Barge
This one might seem a bit large but recently Hasbro once made mobile G.I. Joe Command Center as well as their giant Millennium Falcon. DK Publishing’s cross section book of Star Wars vehicles lays out the Sail Barge (image above) perfectly. Without a doubt, this playset needs to be made. PLAYSETS4

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