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Posted August 3, 2017 by

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By Jarrett Kruse

Its been a week and change of hard work from the AFJ crew but the galleries of the company walk-through’s are all up and after getting input from the Facebook page, I think their are some big winners in all price ranges for Junkies. Some are major bucks but their is still lots of mass market product for those that don’t want to spend a car payment on just one item. Enjoy gang and next year, hopefully we will have our own AFJ booth. Or interns, definitely need some interns that would love to go to SDCC. 👍


Since I am still almost a month late on what started out as a 1000 word review of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING but has now gestated into an almost 10,000 word character analysis, breakdown & Easter egg speculation. Anyway, onto one of the best action figures coming from our pals at MEZCO. Their ONE:12 COLLECTIVE is white hot right now and Tom Holland is on a meteoric stardom rise unlike any I’ve seen in years. This piece is a must have for any Webhead like myself whose favorite MARVEL character is your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.


I received the Spider-Man Meisho Manga Realization for my birthday last year and it wound up being on my AFJ Top 10 of 2016. Theirs just something about mashing up Feudal Japanese Warriors with the MARVEL Universe that looks awesome! This is on my wishlist and they come with a crazy amount of accessories so I really hope that this line continues.


This DST GLADIATOR HULK is a beast and at $22.99′ the best bargain you are going to find this Fall when THOR: RAGNAROK hits theaters. As if the first trailer did not wow Junkies enough, MARVEL STUDIOS dropped a second trailer at SDCC that somehow managed to usurp the first with a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vibe to it. I don’t know how DST is gonna pack the green Goliath into their signature packaging but theirs not gonna be a lot of space in the box, that’s how big he is!


This was some sight to see in person guys. I mean absolutely unbelievable and big enough to be its own UBER! I just kind of stood in awe for 20 minutes or so taking it all in. To see this incredible feat of engineering having come to fruition after 33 years of admiration from Junkies across the globe is really something. Maybe twelve of us AFJ members can have it for a month each per year if we all chip in? It’s worth it!


Sorry for the lousy shot guys but it was the best I could get at the PREVIEWS booth. I really think that these are the JUSTICE LEAGUE figures that Junkies will be after but I am not 100% on the release date but I put an email in about it. Really very articulate and masterfully sculpted, I am determined to get all seven of these. Below is a gallery that PREVIEWS provided online.


Dedication to DEADPOOL is really remarkable and after the boffo box office of Ryan Reynolds’ second film interpretation of the Liefeld created character, new Wade Wilson acolytes are popping up everyday. I was always a little hesitant as a teen because DP’s red suit and general eye shape reminded me so much of Spider-Man and he was my go to character. But when the X-FORCE suit was revealed, I absolutely loved it and have been waiting on a 1/4 scale figure to be released. Thankfully, NECA has treated us to what I think is going to be a hot seller for Quarter 4 later this year.


The amazing trailer for Season 2 of NETFLIX’s runaway smash, STRANGER THINGS had Junkies and everyone at SDCC counting the days until the premiere in October. MCFARLANE TOYS is trying out their COLOR TOPS line with new 7-inch articulated action figures starting off with Eleven & Chief Hopper. I think that if they decide to make the rest of the Hawkins, IN crew, these will fly off the pegs.


All I know is I love Amber Heard and I have a feeling that she may make a big (wait for it) splash in JUSTICE LEAGUE this Fall. It may be a BARBIE but it’s one of the coolest ones I’ve seen since the ’66 Catwoman a few years back. If the movie is a hit and Mera is a breakout character, it could poise a more female oriented audience for the solo AQUAMAN hitting multiplexes in 2018. If she takes off like Wonder Woman did, I wouldn’t be surprised at a solo film of her own down the line.


So why is it on the list? It made the cut because how often do we see a BTAS JOKERMOBILE?!? I think that DCC should definitely do more vehicles like this because it has that 80’s & 90’s nostalgia look of when vehicles were much more commonplace in the toy market. But this one really caught my eye as a piece that I must own asap.


This new R/C Batmobile is an absolute beast from top to bottom and is already pre-sold out at some major online retailers. This baby has it all and MATTEL has added some majorly cool features to this monster including an oil-based vape that produces actual smoke that comes out of the exhaust pipes. This Ultimate Batmobile is controlled via touchscreen controls via a free app for your tablet or phone. Inside the cockpit is a camera that streams live video of what Batman sees while driving his signature ride and es, a figure fits in the cockpit. As if that was not enough, the Bat-dashboard is brought to life through augmented reality (AR) and even simulates bullets and projectiles that come out of the cannons. Wow.


@DSTChuck has shepherded the DST GHOSTBUSTERS line from the beginning and we finally received the epic rooftop diorama from the climactic finale of the original film along with the best figures ever made in this scale. Now, Chuck & Zach are bringing the iconic GHOSTBUSTERS FIREHOUSE HEADQUARTERS to us as their second act. The new diorama will roll out over the next year and Junkies everywhere will be happy to collect every last piece for a slice of the original sci-fi comedy classic.


THE DARK TOWER hits theaters this week and Junkies are pumped to see the live-action version of the Stephen King adapted series of books. I gotta hand it to DST, they really know how to give the Junkies a movie figure with terrific actor likenesses, great articulation and of course their signature packaging.


Junkies have been waiting on the HOT TOYS Luke Skywalker from THE FORCE AWAKENS and this Jedi was worth the wait. The 1/6 scale figure sports over 30 points of articulation and enough extras to fill a phone book including 3 interchangeable mechanical right hands, detailed skin texture and over 30 points of articulation. This museum style piece has been pre-sold out for some time now on most of the big online toy retailers.


BLADE RUNNER 2049 is generating some serious buzz as we lead up to its early October theatrical release and NECA is all over it. Snatching up the license for such a classic film that is still lauded as one of the best sci-fi films of all time was a smart move. Fans can finally have the Deckard action figure that they have been waiting on for a very long time and I am sure we are going to see lots of custom 1982 Deckard’s from the legendary sci-fi flick. These figures from NECA are 7-inches each and both come with a gun accessory in window box packaging.


The 12-INCH MARVEL LEGENDS train keeps chugging along at a brisk pace with the newest lineup addition being Wolverine himself. I find that a lot of AFJ members say that Wolverine’s classic yellow/blue/black duds is their favorite suit of all time so this one is going to be a hot seller. HASBRO’s new 15″ Hulk & 12″ Thor have been really big hits among Junkies. Throw in the worlds most famous Adamantium laced mutant and you’ve got a winner.


I was not familiar with ELITE CREATURE COLLECTIBLES but I spent a good 45 minutes jockeying for position to grab as many shots of their offerings as I could. GREMLINS scared the living crap out of me as a seven year old so this prototype spoke to me in a lot of ways. The artistry and sculpt is remarkably lifelike and their is definitely something grotesquely appropriate about Gizmo getting Xeroxed. I blame Gizmo for it all!


I had to pick one of DCC’s new DC ESSENTIALS line to represent my pick of what I think will be a very successful line. The new 6.75″ action figure line is poised to become the affordable go to collection for the DC Junkies looking for something new. I really dig the way DC COLLECTIBLES displayed these figures at SDCC too; it definitely showed the great articulation and posability.


BACK TO THE FUTURE has always been one of my all-time favorite film franchises so to see the new HOT TOYS BTTF PART II DELOREAN along with new Marty & Doc figures. Absolutely incredible in person and I am thinking about stopping car payments on my own vehicle just to get this vehicle and two figures. I don’t drive that much anyway here in LA and who knows, if I can get it up to 88 MPH, I can make up some time.


I am nuts over these DC COVER GIRLS statues and the Batgirl was definitely my favorite of the bunch. It captures the new spirit of Batgirl and the millennial version of the Caped Crusaderette. Tack on that Joss Whedon will be directing the live action BATGIRL film and the Selfie generation could have a new favorite Gothamite.


Call me crazy, but somehow, HASBRO managed to capture the scoundrel pilots daughter famous smirk. I immediately gravitated towards this figure because I had completely forgotten all about the fan favorite voting. So I was psyched to see that Jaina Solo has made the BLACK SERIES cut. I think that this one is gonna be super hot like Darth Revan and their is simply nothing sexier than a pretty lady wielding a lightsaber.


As you can see, MEZCO had a heck of a show this year and the more ONE:12’s on the market, the better I say. This Thor from his upcoming third solo film, has alternate heads from the much buzzed about gladiator sneak peeks we got to see in the first trailer for RAGNAROK. What I like most about this piece is the alternate head with the movie version of the God of Thunder’s famous helmet. I haven’t been this excited for a MARVEL movie since the last MARVEL movie!


As mentioned earlier about the BANDAI MEISHO MANGA REALIZATION figures, mashing Feudal Japanese Warriors with MARVEL is one thing, but STAR WARS feels even more right. In addition to a lot of AFJ favorites from a galaxy far, far away that have already been released, the line is on the fast track producing fan favorites like the double lightsaber wielding Sith Lord DARTH MAUL. Except now he has double lightsaber Japanese swords instead. Sweet.


The Rick Moranis figure that GHOSTBUSTERS fans have been waiting for is finally coming to your local comic shop! The comedy icon, at least in my eyes, left the Hollywood life to take care of his ailing wife and kids when he was at the top of his game. The Second City alumni, where I studied as well, has been rumored to be making a comeback sometime soon. Even if Moranis stays out of the limelight, I am glad that loyal NYC accountant Louis Tully finally gets to wear the iconic GB jumpsuit. It is long overdue so a big thanks to DIAMOND SELECT for keeping the GHOSTBUSTERS line alive.


After the crazy box office that LOGAN did at theaters earlier this year, interest in the Old Man Logan saga has reached a fever pitch. I am a regular reader of the Mark Millar comic book series and this is the perfect iteration of what I think is my favorite interpretation of the Canadian X-Man. As if having Logan is not enough, he is carrying the young Bruce Banner Jr. Hulkling on his back with his claws popped and ready to go. This is a limited edition piece, hand-painted, and it comes individually numbered with a certificate of authenticity.


I am crazy about NECA’s 1/4 scale figures and now that they are making more MARVEL characters, I think that the sky is the limit. As a huge fan of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, this is a must have piece for my 1/4 scale collection. This figure really captures the 60’s Ditko meets Stark Enterprises 21st century design that I think MARVEL STUDIOS really nailed in the film. Throw NECA into the mix and you have one awesome 1/4 scale figure that Webheads will go nuts over.


Why is this on the list? Because with so much secrecy shrouded in THE LAST JEDI and whether or not their will be another BLACK SERIES Princess Leia coming down the line, Junkies know that at least we will posthumously getting a THE FORCE AWAKENS Leia. You never saw STAR WARS fans so happy to see a new Princess Leia figure only seven months after Carrie Fisher’s tragic passing.


This OBI-WAN KENOBI really caught my eye because we were just discussing on the AFJ Facebook page on the aging process of Old Ben from ROGUE ONE to EPISODE IV. Then boom, this piece appears at SDCC that I think captures those greying years of the exiled Jedi sent to look after Luke on Tattooine. It just has that cool aging Jedi appearance that we all have wondered about and that’s definitely the solo STAR WARS film I want to see next….after THE LAST JEDI & SOLO. After those, I want a solo Kenobi flick. Not Han Solo, solo alone. God I’m tired…


TMNT never goes out of style and nobody is killing it with the classic license like NECA. As if the regular 90’s movie 1/4 scale figures were not enough to satiate the appetite of Junkies, now we are getting what I guess can be called their first variant. Throw that term in to the mix and a $90 figure can fast become $200 piece on the secondary market.


Sculptor Paul Harding delivers a gem of a statue in one of AFJ’S most popular characters of 2016. Darth Revan is one of those rare extended universe characters in the STAR WARS canon that Junkies went nuts for when the BLACK SERIES figure debuted. However this statue is remarkably lifelike with incredible paint app and just a look of sheer badassery.


LOBOT finally gets some respect courtesy of GENTLE GIANT! AFJ members have been chomping at the bit for a BLACK SERIES LOBOT for some time now. The guy that helped Lando and the Rebellion on Cloud City is finally getting a dope looking mini-bust that I am certain is going to go fast and double its market value. The sculpt is incredible and it is really a most excellent piece of art put together by some of the best craftsman in the game today.


I have not been a TRANSFORMERS collector for a very long time but I found myself circling back to this epic piece at least half a dozen times. It is way out of my realm with all of the spinoffs that occurred like BEAST WARS which I am fairly certain this piece is from. The statue is absolutely enormous and just a marvel of sculpting, digital magic & detail like I have never seen. I am not much of a statue guy but if I could afford it, this would make for a great piece to scare off people as a de facto security system.


ROGUE ONE was a bona fide blockbuster and the first solo STAR WARS movie proving that this is a franchise that will be popular long after we all fall into our collective Sarlaac Pit’s. BISTAN is an Iakuru soldier in the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War that participated in the Battle of Scarif as a door-gunner. Sure it’s a minor character in the canon but the craftsmanship and detail on this mini-bust really blew me away.


In the words of Emperor Palpatine, “Good, good…” Agreed. This ArtFX+ piece from KOTOBUKIYA is an absolute steal for $90 and most definitely worth every penny. One thing about KOTOBUKIYA is that every piece feels like it’s a limited edition and that you are buying a work of art. The details, especially around the facial sculpt are remarkable and this ArtFX+ piece is ominous at any angle.


After the second THOR: RAGNAROK trailer dropped at SDCC, even more interest developed in the look of the Gladiator version of the green Goliath. Combine that this is a new ONE:12 COLLECTIVE from MEZCO and I think it’s fair to say that this one will sell out in minutes. Seriously an awesome piece in person and can’t wait to pre-order mine.


Hey hey what do you say, it’s another gem from MEZCO’s ONE:12 COLLECTIVE and this time it’s fan favorite BATMAN BEYOND. I really dig the contours in the cloth suit giving it a very true to life appearance and if their ever is a live-action film, it should be based off of this suit. Fantastic in person and definitely on the top of my wishlist.


Man, likenesses have come a long way over the past decade. These were my favorite four likenesses at SDCC this year from four wide and varied toy companies. The John “The Hangman” Ruth from ASMUS TOYS was sensational with the best likeness of Kurt Russell that I have ever seen. HOT TOYS’ PUNISHER from NETFLIX is like looking at actor Jon Bernthal got hit with a shrink ray. Don’t count NECA out though because we’ve finally got a Paul Reiser “Burke” from ALIENS. I better not see any MAD ABOUT YOU customs out there in the Junkieverse, only Jeffrey from BEVERLY HILLS COP. The coups de grace though was BLITZWAY’s Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) from BASIC INSTINCT. I can’t tell you how many messages I received asking if the Tramell figure had any other significant features…


RADIO FLYER had to make this now? I needed one of these back in the day! Hell I’d take one now! Anyway the weight limit is 130 pounds so this is definitely not for adults, just the little ones. Lucky little Junkies! The X-34 craft from the movie that started it all seats two riders and has an interactive dashboard with lights and authentic sounds from the movie. It moves at a brisk 5 miles per hour forward and 2 MPH in reverse. I would pre-order this early when it goes on sale September 5th if your little Jedi want it for the holiday season.





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