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Posted May 20, 2017 by

Written by Robert T. Trate

It is a Xenomorph kind of weekend here Junkies and what better to start your Saturday than “8 Awesome Alien Toy Commercials”? It seems hard to believe that back in the late seventies, all the way through the early nineties that there were, in fact, Alien toys based on a rated R movie. Oddly enough, we couldn’t find any of Kenner’s Alien Resurrection commercials. We did assemble as many as we could find to go with your Saturday morning cereal. So before you head out to go toy hunting enjoy these retro toy commercials.

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Aliens Toy Commercial (1992)
A different era for toys and one where they didn’t bother to pay for licenses of the actor’s faces. At least we don’t hope they did. That looks nothing like Lance Henriksen’s Bishop. 

Alien VS. Predator – Atari Jaguar Video Game TV Commercial (1994)
Video games are essentially toys. Besides this commercial has a pretty good finish! 

Aliens Flying Queen

Wait. What? Who? Bottle the bug? This one has to be seen to be believed. 

Alien vs. Predator (SNES)

Ah, the days of battling components from right to left. 

Alien vs Predator Action Figures

We love the Alien Queen with her ooze feature, but whiplash dreadlocks on a Predator? 

ALIEN Versus PREDATOR (1999) PC Trailer
I’m not much of a PC Gamer but this looks cool, even for 1999!

Aliens Kenner’s Power Loader

Let’s face it, most of these Aliens toys are pretty goofy, but we would proudly display the Power Loader. 

Kenner’s 18 Inch Alien

This will forever be the crown jewel in the Alien fan’s collection. 


Alien Pepsi Commercial

It’s not that strange when there had been Batman and Indiana Jones Diet Coke Commercials too. 


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