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Posted May 16, 2017 by

Written by: Robert T. Trate

A new Alien movie is upon us and with that, a whole new slew of Alien products has arrived. With the five films that have come prior, toy manufacturers have created dazzling figures from the films and cartoon series. Sadly, none of the cartoon figures made our list. This is after all “AFJ’s TOP 10 Best Alien Toys Ever”. We had to be selective and almost snobbish as to what made our list. So what ranked in our top 10? The chosen ones are below.

10. Funko Alien ReAction Alien 3.75″ Action Figure

If you grew up in the late seventies and eighties, Alien toys were practically non-existent. There was, in actuality, just one so you couldn’t actually have any crossover adventures. That is unless you mixed the 12-inch Alien with you 12 inch Star Wars figures. On to the point, Funko’s Alien ReAction figure is spot on and the perfect thing to finally live out those crossover adventures. Will Luke and Han survive on the Millennium Falcon with one of these loose?

9. Alien 35th Anniversary Kane with Facehugger Figure by NECA
It all starts right here, Kane looking into that egg. Sadly, it appears as if John Hurt did not sign over his likeness rights so we don’t get an alternate head of Kane without the Facehugger. Still, this is an incredible figure and a haunting one too.

8. NECA Aliens 7 inch 30th Anniversary 2 Pack Action Figure – Colonial Marines
Thankfully, Private Hudson and Corporal Hicks now come in an Aliens 30th Anniversary two-pack. I don’t know if I could choose between the two. What Alien top 10 lists would be complete without either one of these two characters, let alone figures of either one? NECA nailed it with these two.

7. Batman/Aliens – 7″ Scale Action Figures – Batman and “Joker” Alien 2-Pack
This two pack makes out the list for the sole reason of a short film titled, Batman: Dead End. If you haven’t seen this 2003 film by Sandy Collara you are missing out. I see this set as an extension of that great short film. Watch it here.

6. Aliens – Foam Replica – 36″ Alien Skull
Now, this may not solely fall under the ALIEN franchise because the first time we saw it was in Predator 2. With that being said, we still consider it a great addition to our collection. Who wouldn’t want a 36-inch foam replica of Xenomorph Skull? These are available now and were released in December of 2016!

5. Aliens – Foam Prop Replica – Life-Size Facehugger
Insert sex joke here. Seriously, go ahead. Are you finished? Okay, we can move on now. Talk about a great thing to either finish off your cosplay or terrify your mother with on Halloween. What could possibly be next on our list from NECA?

4. Aliens – Life Size Xenomorph Egg Replica with LED Lights
Any Alien fan’s home wouldn’t be complete without their own life-size Xenomorph Egg. Yes, they made this and it even lights up. Check out this great collectible! Is it still a toy if we call it a collectible? Hell yes, because you will act like a little kid waiting to scare people as the approach it and look into it.

3. Aliens – Alien Queen 6″ Super Sized Pop! Vinyl Figure

Without hesitation, this is the version of the Alien Queen we want to display on our desk. Certainly, there are more intricate and highly detailed versions of the queen bitch. This one, however, is fun, easy to find and falls perfectly into the price range of reasonable. Plus it’s also just plain fun.     

2. Aliens 30th Anniversary Ripley & Newt 7 inch Figure
This is the one and only Ripley we want in our collection. It is the pinnacle of the film when she and she alone returns to save Newt. Again NECA nails it, even right down to the box. Whenever we watch Aliens, we still get pissed that Alien 3 is still such a slap in the face to the climatic ending of the film.

1. Alien by Kenner
There have been many since but the original Alien figure from the 1979 film still reigns supreme. Action figures were just starting to take over from the giant G.I. Joe and MEGO style figures. However, Kenner went out of its way to produce this giant sized Alien figure. What makes this figure awesome is that the inner jaw has a trigger in the head which activates it. Plus the look of it completely captures H.R. Giger’s designs. Though what really makes it completely cool is that here is a figure from an R-rated film. That was unheard of in 1979.

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