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Posted April 15, 2017 by

Written by Robert T. Trate

With Star Wars Celebration Orlando happening this weekend, we here at AFJ thought it would be great to have our Saturday feature focus on the original, 1977, toy commercials. Now, we did include one Power of the Force commercial which features the original “A New Hope” figures. The rest, however, are all original Star Wars toy commercials! Please, sit back, pour yourself some blue milk, and stay in those Star Wars pajamas.

Star Wars Action Figures
Do this day, I still don’t know why Kenner gave Luke a yellow lightsaber. After all, they were producing blue ones for the Obi-Wan figure.

Power Of The Force
Ah, 1995 and the year my wallet belonged to Star Wars. Looking back, I think my favorite figure from this line was the Stormtrooper.

Early Bird Action Figures Kit

It literally all started here. Did you see the Black Series Commemorative Edition for this yet? It is sweet!

Land of the Jawas Playset

This was a great playlet, and it inadvertently launched the first mini-rig, the escape pod!

Imperial Troop Transport 

Is this the first vehicle that Kenner made that did not appear on screen? I believe it is and it was awesome! 

Millennium Falcon

It will forever feel like it was my first car. I will never get rid of my original, ever. 

Death Star Space Station

I bought one recently on eBay and on the box it still had the original price tag, $18.99. I did not pay that amount of money for it. 

Star Wars Lightsaber

This was the original lightsaber toy, thankfully they improved upon it since. 

Patrol Dewback

The Stormtrooper armor is air conditioned, right? Imagine riding this beast through the desert. 

X-Wing Fighter and TIE Fighter

These ships are so white! I love that they “weathered” them is subsequent releases. 

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