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Action Figure Junkies (AFJ) was started after a routine toy run turned into disaster. Back from Hollywood after an unsuccessful trip to move there and back in his home state of New Jersey, Jarrett Kruse had hit rock bottom in his career. Desperate to get out of the house, Jarrett headed to his local Toys R Us to clear his head. After finding nothing, he left the store to head home when he was struck head on by a wanted felon in a stolen car. The driver then got out of her vehicle and took off on foot leaving Jarrett for dead in the middle of one of New Jersey’s busiest intersections.

The next year would prove to be incredibly trying because of the injuries that Jarrett sustained. Doctor and lawyer appointments became his full time job culminating in major surgery in the summer of 2013. After coming to, Jarrett remembered that he had bought the domain name actionfigurejunkies.com after his older brother compared his action figure obsession and collection to that of a tongue in cheek addiction.

Not knowing anything about Facebook Groups, Jarrett decided to be proactive from his hospital bed and begin a page with the hopes that 25 of his friends and family would join while he recuperated and that would be that. However, the familial community that Jarrett developed resonated with an audience on social media looking for a safe zone that collectors could share with their kids. He began to flood the page with insider news, in store & online deals, reveals, and a steady flow of original content and art from the “Junkieverse” co-created with his award winning artist older brother Jason. Some simple tenets were set up including no cursing on the page, no bullying or put downs with a general air of relaxed and friendly flow of all things toys including a buying/selling outpost.

The response has been tremendous with over 21,000 Junkies on the main Facebook page alone. AFJ has become the largest group of its kind on social media and is showing steady and solid growth among our target demographic. Although the original website was launched for Toy Fair 2015, narrasoft.com saw the potential in the AFJ brand and was tasked with revamping the website in the Fall of 2016 after Kruse relocated to Los Angeles to finish what he started years before.

Jarrett began his career interning for Miramax Films, 20th Century Fox, Ted Demme's Spanky Pictures and Rolling Stone before venturing out into a freelance writing career.  He has written for Den of Geek, Cinema Blend, Enstars, Mania, Night & Day & Go Figure News and more. These days, Jarrett spends his time on AFJ and writing about cool action figures!  He is helped by a wonderful group of dedicated Admins, freelance writers and other businesses that have expressed interest in working with AFJ.

Action Figure Junkies will be growing our service offerings in the future.  If you have any suggestions, comments, questions or would like to partner with AFJ please feel free to contact us.


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