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Action Figure Junkies (AFJ) is the premiere action figure site on the web. Our website provides industry news, reviews, columns, “hunts”, and more. AFJ originated from our vibrant Facebook Group. This incredible community is the largest group of its kind on Facebook (165K+). Our core values are to maintain a fun, family, atmosphere and to treat fellow collectors with respect. That is what separates AFJ from other sites and groups.

Chief Operating Junkie (aka The Key Master)
MJ Ortiz partnered with Jarrett Kruse, the founder of the Facebook group and page, in 2015. MJ’s background is in the corporate fulfillment and direct mail space, but his heart has always been in collectibles and pop culture. After a four hour first meeting with Jarrett, he realized that AFJ would be the place to finally make his dreams become a reality. Since that moment and having to push forward after Jarrett's passing MJ, Robert, and Evan have taken the baton and got AFJ running. MJ’s action figure passion stems from his childhood love of movies, TV, and the toys that accompanied them. As a self-admitted “Giant Nerd” the majority of his youth was spent on these hobbies. Every time MJ is able to acquire a new piece for his collection he gets to relive his childhood, just a little bit.  In contrast to the Jedi Junkie, MJ Ortiz has the completionist bug, which means that he can never just have one from a favorite line; he must collect them all. like Thanos and the Infinity Gems. This either makes him a crazy person or a Mad Genius. He believes the latter.
Majority of His Collection: DC Collectibles
Favorite Piece: NECA's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo, autographed by Kevin Eastman
Holy Grail: A film used Proton Pack from Ghostbusters

Editorial Director (aka The Jedi Junkie)
Robert Trate, since 2014, has been at the very heart of Action Figure Junkies. Formerly Mania’s Toy Maniac and site Editor, Robert was invited to join AFJ by Jarrett Kruse at the creation of the official website. A ten year veteran of covering pop culture, Robert has seen it and been to it all, including multiple comic cons on both coasts and Star Wars Celebration Europe. Robert’s action figure passion stems from growing up with a large Kenner Star Wars collection and fully embracing the rebirth of Star Wars when Hasbro relaunched the line. However, his collecting now leans towards more of the artistic side over the need to be a completist.
Majority of His Collection: Star Wars
Favorite Piece: An Original Blue Snaggletooth
Holy Grail: A Mint Condition Godzilla Shogun Warrior

Columnist/ Videographer (aka Bat-Kiki)
With over a year of writing for AFJ, Kim is proud to be a female voice in geek culture. She has traveled to Toy Fair, New York Comic-Con and San Diego Comic-Con, and can most likely be found in the local movie theaters. Growing up in the eighties and nineties, Kim pieced her collection together over a solid base of Kenner Star Wars figures and all things Batman. Looking at everything with an artistic eye, Kim enjoys seeking out prize pieces from movies she loves and traveling to
film locations.
Majority of Her Collection: Star Wars, Batman, enough movie concept art books to fill a Batcave...pretty much the same as in 1990.
Favorite Piece: DC Comics Classic TV Series Batman Utility Belt
Holy Grail: Sideshow Joker from Batman (1989)

Critic (The Cinema Stache)
Rob Vaux is old enough to remember when Kenner ruined Christmas ’77 and the X-Men were All-New and All-Different. He’s been a professional movie grump for almost 20 years, as well as a game designer, fiction writer, and general internet nuisance. He worked with Robert Trate and Jarret Kruse at the late, lamented Mania.com, and is excited to be a part of Action Figure Junkies. He lives on the beach with a small zoo and a wife who loves superheroes just as much as he does.
Majority of his Collection: Batman: The Animated Series collectibles, with Marvel a close second.
Favorite Piece: Giant Yoda Pez Dispenser
Holy Grail: Anything Kurt Wagner-related (Nightcrawler from the X-Men)

Founder (Head Junkie in Charge)
Jarrett began his career interning for Miramax Films, 20th Century Fox, Ted Demme's Spanky Pictures, and Rolling Stone before venturing out into a freelance writing career.  He has written for Den of Geek, Cinema Blend, Enstars, Mania, Night & Day & Go Figure News, and more. After a car accident put Jarrett in the hospital, he started the Facebook Group "Action Figure Junkies". Not knowing anything about Facebook Groups, Jarrett decided to be proactive from his hospital bed and begin a page with the hopes that 25 of his friends and family would join while he recuperated and that would be that. However, the familial community that Jarrett developed resonated with an audience on social media looking for a safe zone that collectors could share with their kids. He began to flood the page with insider news, in-store and online deals, reveals, and a steady flow of original content and art from the “Junkieverse” co-created with his award-winning artist older brother Jason. Simple tenets were set up including no cursing on the page, no bullying or put-downs with a general air of relaxed and friendly flow of all things toys including a buying/selling outpost. The group has since grown to nearly 40,000+ members and now supports a website, YouTube page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. In January of 2018, Jarrett passed away due to complications from his injuries. His family, friends, and collaborators are carrying on the AFJ brand with the slogan #ALLFORJARRETT as their mantra.
Majority of His Collection: DC Collectibles
Favorite Piece: Remco's Inflatable Hulk Muscles
Holy Grail: DC Classic TV Series Batman Utility Belt (obtained via MattyCollector)

Columnist (aka The Noob)
Evan Liss is the new guy on the AFJ team. Formerly running his own blog (Indiecomicblog), Evan has never let go of his passion for storytelling, which shows itself in his love of Comic Books and novels. Evan has brought a younger perspective to the to a group of well-versed nerds. Evan has a lot to learn about the action figure world, but where better to do that than Action Figure Junkies?
Majority of His Collection: Evenly spread between DC, Marvel, and Image Comics
Favorite Piece: Superman For All Seasons
Holy Grail: Signed Saga #1

Action Figure Junkies will be growing our service offerings in the future.  If you have any suggestions, comments, questions or would like to partner with AFJ please feel free to contact us.

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