Action Force Kickstarter Has Begun! Bring the Valaverse to Life!

***DISCLOSURE: AFJ is not affiliated with the "Action Force" Kickstarter. We are simply reporting on it as a piece of Action Figure news.***

Former Hasbro employee Bobby Vala's new Kickstarter for his 6-inch line titled "Action Force" has begun (seen HERE). Below you will see the first four figures (on the Kickstarter another figure will be revealed June 19th!  Good luck Bobby, these look incredible and the perfect thing to fill the void left by G.I. Joe! #AFJ4LIFE

In-universe story: "The United States are no more. Following the dissolution of the Federal Government, all 50 states declared independence and began to govern and defend themselves as individual republics. All branches of the armed forces spread their allegiance to these new republics which left many states inadequately defended. The second American Revolution was a confusing but surprisingly peaceful time as the state republics learned to trade and interact with one another. The coexistance did not last as the greed of men could not be contained". Check out the full details HERE!Check out updates from Bobby Vala and The Valaverse on these social channels:

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Figure features 36 points of articulation, multiple accessories and a display stand. Products and colors may vary.

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Figure features 36 points of articulation & accessories as well as a display stand.  Products and colors may vary.

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Figure features 34 points of articulation & accessories as well as a display stand.  Products and colors may vary.

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