Greetings Junkies, AFJ HQ had the privilege of receiving two box goodies from A-Box this week. That’s right we got some mystery crates here and I was only too happy to dive into these bad boys. Full disclosure, I have never opened a mystery box before.

Individual Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.
The HJIC (Head Junkie in Charge), Jarrett Kruse, sings the praises of the first Kingsman movie all day here at Junkie HQ. So diving into this box, without him, is probably torture, but the work has got to get done.

The Packaging:
The shipping is subtle and to the point. "I just got something from A-Box". The nice thing is if you are sending thing this as a gift, the surprise is not ruined. Granted, the majority of the time we order these boxes of goodies for ourselves, but as we are the gift-giving season, it is a nice touch.

The Kingsman box is actually pre-wrapped in a nice white canvas bag. This protects the contents as well as the design of the box. Which just happens to feature Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Tequila (Channing Tatum). A cool design and great reinforcement of what type of A-Box property you received.

The box within a box, a nice touch and really classy, which is fitting for the aesthetics of the Kingsmen franchise.

I won’t lie to you Junkies, this is a great set and one for, dare I say, a gentleman? Now outside of the T-shirt (#1), which we picked up for our smallest office Junkie, Logan, and the ball cap (#2), everything here has a fantastic touch of sophistication. The nice thing about the Kingsman’s logo is its subtleness. A box that would be before Star Wars or a Marvel property screams geek and isn’t really something you can take or use at work (well most jobs, AFJ being one of the exceptions).

The genuine leather credit card wallet is great (#5). I love the 16 GB flash drive (#4), done in the style of one the Kingsman’s grenades. The Moleskine notebook (#3), which our Noob columnist, Evan Liss, snagged (damn you!), is another practical and subtle touch in this A-Box. I think my only complaint is the Kingsman lapel pins (#6). Lapel pins are all the rage these days, but I think for this property, Kingsman cufflinks would have been the icing on the cake.

Individual Rating: 5 Stars
Ok Junkies, as we moved onto the Power Edition box from A-Box things got a little more intense here at AFJ HQ. First, up this is my first box of this nature. Certainly, I dove into the Kingsman box with no trepidation, but that was a themed box. The Power Edition box was a mixture of numerous geek properties. So right off the bat, I would say this is the perfect box for the Junkie who you think may have everything, or for the Junkie that loves geek culture ad infinitum.

The Packaging:

Not too much to get excited here. It is wrapped in a protective black plastic bag with a brown box inside. The A-Box logo is on the outside. Again, this a mixture of items, so placing an additional logo or character on the exterior is pointless.


The Thor: Ragnarok packable backpack (above in blue) is nice, especially with the new film coming out. The Thor Nordic Mythology Necklace with Leather Cord, also timely, but not really for me. I have an odd duck cousin who once hit me in the head with a makeshift wooden Mjolnir, I’ll send it to him as a gift.
trek_generationThe Star Trek: The Next Generation Isolinear Coaster is freaking sweet! I didn’t know there was going to a Next Gen item in this! The downside is there are only two, but I was quickly over that as they are so cool.
Metal-Gear-SolidThe Metal Gear Solid Snake Figure came in a blind bag, so either we lucked out here in the office and got the right one, or everyone one of them comes with Snake. The pistol for Snake is removable!
MegaManM.U.S.C.L.E. figures are all the rage again. Well, they sort of were a rage back in the eighties for all of 15 minutes, but Super7 is really running with the concept. I overlooked this pack when I opened the box, but on the second gander, I noticed they were indeed Mega Man M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. Very cool! My desktop is now safely secure with these blue bad boys keeping watch over them.
DeathTrooperThere was one bonus item in Power Edition box. Thankfully, as the resident Jedi Junkie here at AFJ “dibs” is something I do not have to call when it comes to Star Wars. I now am the owner of a killer Death Trooper wristwatch. Now I know what you are thinking, where my geekiness on my sleeve like that? Especially when you meet with clients or celebrities? Yes, Junkies, yes, indeed. Someone day ask me how my cell phone got me a private tour of Lucasfilm.

Final Thoughts:
Like I mentioned above this was my first time doing a mystery box. Tackling two, was very interesting. I really liked the Kingman box, despite never have seen the film, however the contents where classy. I appreciated that and would have really loved to get one of these as a gift. The Power Box was fun. As I said the Star Trek and Star Wars items blew me away, but those are properties near and dear to my heart. As for the other items, they are fun and will be more fun to share. The Power Edition box would make a great gift because it has a wide range of properties and really does have something for every Junkie! #AFJ4LIFE

9.5 Total Score

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