I had a hell of a lot of doubts about BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE going into SDCC (By the way, when did we drop the VS and turn in into just a V?). Anyway, the epic-sized trailer for Warner Bros. magnum opus due out next year had me extremely impressed. Forget about the sunny and bright colors of the Marvel Universe, this is dark, gritty and apparently a world where there is not that much sunlight. So when MATTEL announced last minute that they were going to be offering the very first figures from the blockbuster, I knew I had to get my Junkie mitts on a set. Because of the insane rules of the Con and the ticketing process for the big companies likes HASBRO & MATTEL, I was forced to hit the secondary market and pay an extra $20 for this set but to tell you the truth I was happy to do it because I am pretty impressed with this set.


First off the two-pack comes in the usual MATTEL white mailer box that has the BvS logo along with BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE printed below. The box keeps the two-pack nice and snug with a piece of packing tissue paper for easy removal. Once you get the set in your hands, you immediately harken back to the 2013 SUPERMAN VS ZOD set but in my opinion, this one looks just much, much cooler.

BVS2pack2                                                        BVSPIC1

While it is obvious that the tone of the film is dark, seeing the debut action figures for the long-gestating project is pretty cool. The pair is posed in a way that you would expect; Superman slightly elevated and Batman on the ground. The first thing I giddily noticed is that there is a marked difference in the blue of Superman's suit from two years ago in MAN OF STEEL to BvS. Finally, he just looks more like the Superman we know. It is subtle but it is clearly there when I did a side by side comparison with my MOS Superman figure. I honestly think that this will help with the sales of next years figure lines because it just makes the big blue boys outlook more accessible especially to the little ones who may have a tough time getting their parental units to see such a dark "comic book" movie.

BVSPIC2 Batman looks pretty badass and the suit looks like it easily could have been made at home rather than by a team of mechanical engineers. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the Bat-suit has all the bells and whistles we're used to; Kevlar, a nifty utility belt, gauntlets, etc. I'm just saying it looks minimalist which although I did not think I would like, I am definitely digging it. Particularly the utility belt looks especially cool and from what I saw of the prop weapons that Bats will be using in the film, they have a less hi-tech look than what we are used to. Save for the Bat-Armor which looks just off the charts futuristic while maintaining an almost medieval appearance.

Although I used to tear every package I owned of every figure I bought, about ten years ago I decided to become a MOC (Mint on Card) collector and this two-pack is perfect for my kind of collecting. Taking these figures out of their home would ruin the whole illusion that MATTEL has set up for us in this scene. It is the perfect set to display on your shelf and have passerby click on the button on the lower left of the case that I saved for last!


There is a button that is actually hard to miss on the bottom left of the plastic prison that illuminates a series of LED lights from the top of the inside in the box. That grand display is then followed by a bolt sound of something turned on and you guessed it, it's the Bat signal! The iconic symbol is on the lower right of the box behind Batman's feel and all ears diagonally across the package and appears above Superman in the upper left over the Man of Steel's head. Two words: so cool. While cooling down and going off, the House of El symbol appears on the right of the box behind Bats but it doesn't have nearly the panache or impact that the signal of all signals has. Still, I was like a five-year-old hitting the button every time I walked past the set to see and hear the crackle followed by the signal I've been fascinated with since I was in single digits.

The articulation of the figures are the same as the Movie Masters lines of years past and are ok at best but certainly not the big selling point for most. This set that originally cost $30 at SDCC is fetching between $50 and $80 on eBay but I would say to wait for it to cool off a little before picking this set up. But that is not to say to not pick it up because I think it is a vital piece for your collection especially if you want the very first figures from next years blockbuster film. I think part of me liking this set so much is that going into Con, I had zero expectations for BVS. Then the extended trailer broke and I became obsessed with picking the set up and yelling "first" amongst my Junkie friends. So get out there and keep an eye on some auctions and be prepared to snipe because any comic book movie fan or Batman/Superman aficionado is going to need this set in their collection.

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