By Jarrett Kruse

KOTOBUKIYA is known for their statues and I have to say that after AFJ's walk-through of their impressive and intimate booth at Toy Fair '16, I was seriously wowed. Normally I am not a big statue Junkie but I was absolutely enamored with what KOTOBUKIYA has to offer for 2016. I am officially branching out into the statue world because of KOTOBUKIYA's booth that had me ready to hand over any cash I had on me. I am now a statue convert because of their exciting showing. My contact at the company, Dan, was extremely gracious and incredibly knowledgeable about his companies product line. More than that, he was enthusiastic and open to any and all of the questions I had that I thought would be on the Junkies minds. I especially liked seeing my beloved SUPER POWERS line from the 80's being expanded into I believe 8-inch statues but look to be much bigger under the strategically placed lights. They even added some little tributes to the original line where you would squeeze a certain body part and and the arms of the SUPERMAN figure moves in his signature punching action. It was a wonderful nod to the old school 80's brand from KENNER and a tip of the hat with respectful homage that really took me back to my childhood. What is great about these museum quality pieces is that they appear to be articulated pieces from a distance. To be honest, they are all perfectly posed already so there is no need to even mess with what the KOTOBUKIYA engineers have created because every piece from STAR WARS to MARVEL to DC was absolutely breathtaking. I was particularly taken with the new white-hot character Spider-Gwen and the Kylo Ren statues which were both very reasonably priced under $75 and stand about at 9 & 7 and a half inches, respectively. KOTOBUKIYA pieces are not pieces that just fall off of an assembly line, they are absolute works of fine art begging for a space on your shelf where you keep your priciest items. Even old favorites like C3PO & R2D2 with newbie BB-8 flanking them looked absolutely incredible with an amount of detail that was absolutely second to none from what I had seen the three previous days of the show. Oh and lets not forget, you can get ALL THREE DROIDS for less than $100 in one set.

All in all, KOTOBUKIYA is absolutely a company I want AFJ to be in business with as we aggressively expand. I would love for one of their pieces to be our very first statue review on all of our platforms. Dan also showed me several items from Japan that are really catching on in the North American market including kitchen items that all STAR WARS fans should own including sandwich makers, ice trays and even Lightsaber chopsticks that they were nice enough to give me a set of for myself. Chinese food will never be the same thanks to KOTOBUKIYA! Also, I really wanted to point out that although KOTOBUKIYA has a very high-end look, their product lines are INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE! To start, their SUPER POWERS line is just $29.99 apiece and are an absolute must have for your inner-80's child. Sure their are a couple of items in the over $200 range but the majority of KOTOBUKIYA items are incredibly affordable from the $30 to $90 range and they do not skimp on the packaging or extras like some companies. Their is a reason that the word, "Craftsmanship" is above the KOTOBUKIYA logo. You get a whole lot of bang for your buck. The Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice statues are a scant $59.99 apiece and you can link both icons together for an unbelievable look from 360 degrees around. Every angle is a stunning look at the two titans duking it out. I was floored when I saw the price was so reasonable after seeing some other statues for the upcoming blockbuster that absolutely break the bank. So bottom line, if you are getting into the statue market, the place to start is with KOTOBUKIYA, hands down. I highly recommend heading over to their impressive website and spend an hour perusing their brilliant lineup. Get those Pre-Orders in pronto because these items are conversation starters that will pique the curiosity of both the budding collector to the season veteran. Bravo Dan, KOTOBUKIYA absolutely crushed it at Toy Fair '16.



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