By Jarrett Kruse

BLUEFIN DISTRIBUTION is the umbrella corporation for too many brands to list here; that's how entrenched they are in the toy business. And BLUEFIN does not mess around when it comes to quality with a lot of their pieces being made out of sturdy diecast metal. In person, they are impressive to say the least. I wish that I could have gotten some better shots of all of their upcoming pieces but it was tough when you combine diecast metal, glass & a flash.

A BLUEFIN toy is what I like to call an "investment piece" because they are such high quality, almost boutique like merchandise. The Japanese influence is unmistakable in their wide and varied number of licenses and I particularly love their Manga STAR WARS and MARVEL pieces. The concept is simple--imagine those properties being around in feudal Japan! Brilliantly executed and worth every penny, the walk-through of the BLUEFIN booth was an absolute feast for the senses as I took in everything that I was seeing and more importantly, thinking about purchasing in the very near future. If you have not picked up a piece from BLUEFIN just yet, I cannot recommend them enough.


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