By Jarrett Kruse

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS' (DST from hereon) Marketing Supervisor Zach Oat has been awesome to AFJ since our inception so it is always a treat to pick his brain at Toy Fair every year. For 2017, DST continues to dominate in the most bang for your buck department with a ton of amazing new toys for Junkies to gobble up. Their MARVEL SELECT line carry's on the over decade long tradition of offering amazing figures in their signature library packaging making storage of their figures incredibly easy. It seems that with each year, DST seems to pack more and more figure & accessories into their packaging. Two of their new 2017 MARVEL SELECT figures made the AFJ Toy Fair Top 10 (no spoilers just yet!) so I was absolutely engrossed while editing the pics from their booth. I also love that their are always a few items that we cannot take photos of making the DST booth have an air of exclusivity.

Besides the classic action figures, DST is seeing major growth in the prop replica department as well as their mini-busts, VINIMATES, MINIMATES, statues, vehicles and of course their amazing dioramas that Junkies get to build themselves. I also have to say that their product lines are incredibly fun to photograph and break down bit by bit. Did I forget to mention that the GHOSTBUSTERS Firehouse diorama is coming? It just may usurp the amazing rooftop diorama that I am almost done with from the epic finale from the original (and only) GHOSTBUSTERS '84 film. Basically, it was an epic hour as I took in everything that Zach and his team put together for the big show this year. Wait till you guys see the new MARVEL GALLERY pieces from the NETFLIX series; they are just beautiful in person. The craftsmanship, tooling & execution continues to be seamless in all of DST's lines. As for what Zach and company have in store for us next, I cannot wait!



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