By Jarrett Kruse & MJ Ortiz 

There's no two ways about it--HASBRO is always the hot ticket. Just like Junkies love a good Exclusive, AFJ was fortunate to get the invite to the amazing amphitheater presentation at The New York Times building. Yes, that's right--HASBRO's presentation is so epic that you have to actually leave where Toy Fair is (@Jacob Javitts Center) and head over to a separate location. Frankly, its the only way that HASBRO could do it because of the fantastic number of high profile licenses that they carry. It just makes sense to have it at a separate location where you can really move around with ease.

2017's presentation was up to the usual HASBRO standards with three MARVEL movies this year, a STAR WARS movie, a TRANSFORMERS movie and just tons of product reveals. Below are the official pics from HASBRO as well as pics that I took w/ several different cameras. I did my best guys so I hope you enjoy. By the way, MARVEL LEGENDS fans had better seriously start investing in some penny stocks so that we can afford the MASSIVE amount of LEGENDS figures (and STORE EXCLUSIVE LEGENDS) that we are getting this year. EPIC! We have been having issues with the wi-fi here in the hotel so thanks for hanging on! (NOTE: OFFICIAL PICS ARE AT THE TOP, OURS ARE BELOW! OFFICIAL STAR WARS IMAGES HAVE BEEN ADDED IN SEPARATE HASBRO TOY FAIR '17 ARTICLE!!)





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