By Jarrett Kruse

It was great to finally meet JADA TOYS e-commerce manager Darryl Li at the big show last week after a year of back and forth emails. The AFJ team were treated to the new lines from the die-cast metal figures that have the appropriate tag line, "IT'S WORTH THE WEIGHT." I have been a huge die-cast Junkie since I was a kid and their is most definitely a connection in your head that says, "if it's heavy, it must be a serious collector's piece." That's what I love about JADA's flagship line METALS--you really feel like you are getting your money's worth for your hard earned Junkie dollars.

While their was some stuff that we were not allowed to photograph, the rapid expansion of JADA's stable of products is targeting a market that is not into the whole vinyl explosion. You can actually find some of the METALS for less than $10 on some online retailers and their oversized ones are really incredible pieces to display. I have my HULKBUSTER sitting here from last year and it is a real conversation starter. Now, as JADA continues their die-cast domination, the company is mopping up new licenses as positive word of mouth continues to expand their brand. I think that I really fell in love with the METALS vehicles when I saw them in person. The Bat-Wing style ship Affleck helmed last year was pretty epic to see in person as were the old school Batmobile's from '66 BATMAN through the DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY. All in all, I am very excited to see what Darryl and the JADA crew have coming to market next. Oh, and check out that OPTIMUS PRIME--totally Junkieworthy!

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