By Jarrett Kruse

The KOTOBUKIYA booth was a great way to begin the show this year as they continue to expand into new and exciting lines of toys. KOTOBUKIYA is definitely for the discerning Junkie that likes to keep their prized pieces on display. Plus they also have a tremendous amount of fare that fall out of the traditional realm like ice cube molds and Lightsaber chopsticks. Basically, their is something for everyone at KOTOBUKIYA where craftsmanship comes first.

I particularly loved THE KILLING JOKE Joker figure and they are releasing a clever Obi-Wan Kenobi piece that actually comes with his robe on the ground from when Vader strikes him down and stamps out his human form. I think that their ArtFX & Bishoujo pieces are the bread and butter of the company as the quality continues to exceed my expectations. Even taking chances on smaller tier characters like Squirrel Girl and the new Ms. Marvel, when no one else really is, is pretty daring and exciting in my book. They also have moved into the DC Television universe with some terrific GOTHAM, SUPERGIRL & THE FLASH pieces coming this year. Tack all of that onto some of the most epic STAR WARS pieces and KOTOBUKIYA's 2017 is looking particularly bright.



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