By Jarrett Kruse

After last year's MATTEL event inside a packed bar in downtown NYC where the press felt like a bull in a China shop, I expected the El Segundo, CA toy giant to bounce back big in 2017. Unfortunately, they did not. Despite the two open bars serving alcohol only (they wouldn't even give me an ice water) and tasty apps being handed out by waiters, it felt like they were trying to take our minds off of the fact that their just was not a heck of a lot of new products to boast about for the new year. And we were bummed. Seriously bummed.

I was hoping for some improvements in the DC MULTIVERSE line and also expected some reveals that would knock me out. Unfortunately, it just did not happen this year and it was a relatively quick walk-through of the massive space that the California based company rented out in the Javitts Center. Even the massive Gotham City diorama environment was the same one they used last year to prep for the release of BATMAN V SUPERMAN. It all just reeked of a little laziness making me lend more credence to the rumors of a massive MATTEL-HASBRO merger possibly being in the works. I felt that if a company needed a lifeboat at this year's big show, it was most definitely MATTEL.


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