By Jarrett Kruse

The House of Spawn had an epic showing this year at Toy Fair! Brand Manager Evin Dempsey did a tremendous job of showing us what Todd McFarlane and company have in store for AFJ this year. And the best part is that Evin himself is a true Junkie that exudes knowledge and passion about the McFarlane brand and their ever increasing lines of figures, props & miniatures. Plus their brilliant NFL figures are becoming almost scarily lifelike as they have now teamed up with the MADDEN brand. I could not get over the Odell Beckham, Jr. figure and its not just because I am a die hard Giants fan. Todd and his team really do care about what we want as Junkies and Evin made it sound like an absolute dream of a company to work for.

I loved that they went back to the bare bones SPAWN figures with classic looks from the character that redefined cool back when I was an early teen in the 90's. I loved them so much that one made my Top 10 of Toy Fair list that will go live this weekend. Tack on beautiful, streamlined windowbox packaging allowing you to see everything that you are getting in the package. Plus, their price points are amazingly low while keeping the quality well above board. After all, this is Todd McFarlane we are talking about; an artist whose work redefined sequential comic book art when he vaulted to comic book super-stardom back in the day. Hearing Evin talk about how McFarlane was able to get a toy company doing things HIS way was truly inspirational for any entrepreneur. 2017 already is proving to be incredibly successful for the Arizona based company so this Toy Fair walk-through was gravy. Plastic gravy.

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