You may have heard that NECA is kind of a big deal on AFJ. If we are laying the cards out on the table, I think it is fair to say that the Junkies love the New Jersey-based company led by Randy Falk. Their hand is on the pulse of what we want as collectors and are providing us with some amazing figures to purchase in 2017. One of the things I love about NECA is that unlike say a HOT TOYS or SIDESHOW piece, their 1/4 scale figures are actually very modestly priced in comparison without sacrificing quality. In fact, the more 1/4 scale NECA pieces I buy, the more I love that for a $105, you can bring home a seriously epic oversized action figure. This positions NECA perfectly as they are able to get in on the growing trend of 1/4 scale figure collectors.

One thing about NECA is that they know how to put together their booth. Everything is intimately displayed with some of the most ornate diorama environment pieces that you will ever see. In fact, we were told that NECA has a full-time worker devoted solely to making dioramas. To see them in person is a trip because, in your head, you start thinking about what it would take to get a diorama for yourself and how awesome your NECA figures would look in it. This year, the reveals were absolutely stellar with some previews of items that I never thought I would see get made. That includes a stunning Batman & Joker Alien 2-pack that totally blew me away. The Clown Prince of Crime meets ALIENS! Another two-pack is an armored Batman that I like better than the one in BVS against a PREDATOR. It was very interesting to learn how NECA maneuvers to produce certain figures, like Batman, through various toy licensing loopholes. That kind of stuff fascinates me and to hear it first hand was super informative.

The PREDATOR movie is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and NECA's line of figures of the Ah-Nuld classic just keep getting better. The new 1/4 scale MARVEL figures are executed with the dexterity of Thornton Melon sticking the Triple Lindy. Throw in some new ROCKY items (one of my top 5 favorite properties) and I was calculating how long it would take for me to make it to the exit with their new Limited Edition Rocky & Mickey Maquettes from the 90's Lipton Iced Tea commercial. I remember the commercial so well because it was actually Stallone doing the voice of the puppet which was sold by Sly himself at auction last year where NECA scooped up the originals. They are already Pre-Sold Out on several online retail sites!
All in all, NECA had another wonderful showing at Toy Fair proving that you can still acquire a high-end looking collection and not have to spend an arm and a leg. After seeing the NECA workshop last year live and in person, it is fair to say that these are some of the hardest guys & gals in the toy industry with Junkies completely enamored in the company's rapid expansion.

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