By Jarrett Kruse

I have been a fan of QUANTUM MECHANIX for years but never made a Toy Fair appointment with them until 2017...and I am so glad that I did! Their licenses include STAR WARS, FIREFLY, DC, MARVEL, HARRY POTTER, STAR TREK, FUTURAMA & SUPERNATURAL and they are determined to vacuum up more as the year goes on. QM's Jack Westerkamp was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in explaining all of the company's impressive lines and what is in store for Junkies in 2017. Besides their 1:6 Scale figures that are just incredible, my favorite item had to be their signature Q-FIGS which are a combination of cartoon cuteness with a touch of really cool sculpts. I can see the Q-FIGS building momentum to become a very popular POP! Vinyl type line.

They also make some incredible plushes and vehicles that are truly something to see in person. Their Millennium Falcon model is easily the best one I have seen in years and Jack was nice enough to open the glass of the case so that we could get pics of the interior of the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than Parsecs. And don't even get me started gushing about the amazing SERENITY ship from my beloved but short-lived series FIREFLY. All in all, QUANTUM MECHANIX really took me by surprise and I am very excited to start working with them as I think that the Junkieverse characters will make perfect Q-FIGS!


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