By Jarrett Kruse

You guys may have heard that FUNKO has become kind of a big deal. Now, in the infancy of 2017, the little company that could has been in the news incessantly since New Years Day. Seriously--FUNKO is changing the way the toy game is played. And as the years progress, the FUNKO booth at Toy Fair is growing like a weed with more and more amazing product for Junkies to plunk down their hard earned cash on.

Arriving early to the booth, MJ, Paul & I had the privilege of bumping into FUNKO CEO Brian Mariotti, who could not have been more gracious to AFJ. I have to say that in all my years attending Toy Fair, this is the first time that I have seen a CEO actually in their companies booth and commiserating with the fans, buyers & licensors. That says a whole lot to me about FUNKO as a company as they continue to mop up every license under the sun and set their sights on complete toy world domination.

After being late last year for my appointment with FUNKO due to a scheduling conflict, I was excited to vindicate my error and have the full experience of walking the entirety of their booth. FUNKO staffer Yoko, could not have been any nicer to myself, MJ & Paul as our collective brains tried to process the garage of new products that the Seattle based toy giant is going to be releasing this year. Funny, engaging & sweet, Yoko took us across the brilliant maze of vinyl goodness as we marveled (and DC'd) at how much FUNKO has grown in just one calendar year. Their is literally something for every Junkie so enjoy these pics as much as I loved taking them!


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