AFJ Toy Hunt: The Invisible Man POP! Walgreens Exclusive (To Yonkers)

The leaves are turning and the kids are going back to school. That means only one thing... Halloween Season is nearly upon us. With that comes our latest prey, the Walgreens Exclusive Invisible Man POP! The perfect accessory/ decoration for the season. There is a chase variant, however, we would easily be happy with either one (of course, both would be better). This weekend, I made him my focus as I would be traveling and have the opportunity to hit up a few locations that I had never been to before. What would I find? Surprisingly I hit gold with a figure that 5 minutes later, I would get word that we just received in the mail.  Enjoy, Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE

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The Prey:

The Hunt:

 In the middle of my trip to Yonkers, MJ sends me several photos of vintage figures from at a shop in Hellertown!

I stopped over in Sleepy Hollow to see the sites and found a cool toy store called A NU Toy Store.

End Result:
The number of Walgreens Exclusive Silver Surfers was amazing, as well as the Moon Knights! And doesn't it figure, I find one, call MJ, and we had it (via the mail). Of course, I then find him 3 more times! No Invisible Mans, yet. I keep seeing them posted on Instagram, so they are out there. Oh, and now we have added the Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 2 to the list. Walgreens?! Who would have ever thought we would venture into a drug store to find the hottest toys!

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