After watching just the trailer for Arrival (arriving this Friday), I got the impression that we weren’t really going to see some toys for this film. There wasn’t a lot hype or merchandising behind this alien arrival movie. There doesn’t have to be, the merchandising that is, but as toy collectors, we here at AFJ love our alien action figures. So with our further eloquence, here is “AFJ’s 10 Awesome Alien Action Figures”.

10. Independence Day Alien by Trendmaster

Independence Day Alien by Trendmaster

The only awesome toy in the entire line was the Alien Exoskeleton. If you were lucky you didn’t see this bad boy until after the movie. If you saw him beforehand one part of the film was ruined. Well, it was all pretty much ruined anyway when that dog leaped safely away from that fireball.

9. Soundwave by Hasbro


Some changed into a car, others a jet, two even changed into guns. Soundwave broke the mold by becoming a tape player. Adding to his awesomeness, outside of his voice, was that Soundwave came with an additional Transformer which resided inside him. He was big, bad and totally cool as he rocked an evil jam on the show. As awesome goes, no other Transformer ever came close.

8. Mars Attacks Martian Ambassador by Trendmasters

Mars Attacks Martian Ambassador by Trendmasters

The film itself is getting to have that cult status that it so rightfully deserves. The toys are perfect as they have both the kitsch of the fifties and that cheesy mid-nineties charm. Why the Ambassador? Because he made that awesome Martian dialogue come from his suit.

7. Cyberman by Undergroundtoys


Star Trek may have the Borg but they are pale carbon copies to the Cybermen. Unrelenting and cold they seek to upgrade humanity and move it into cyberspace. The Doctor believed them to be long dead but when crossing over to a parallel world he encountered a new version of the Cybermen. Since then they have appeared in numerous incarnations and even once sided with the Daleks. This is the Stormtrooper of your Doctor Who collection. You simply must have one of these awesome figures.

6. Warrior Bug Starship Troopers by Sony

Warrior Bug Starship Troopers by Sony

We wish we would have bought all these up when they were in the discount rack. Many figures, let alone creatures, do not come this big. The awesome Warrior Bug is a great stand alone piece for your collection; as well as the perfect adversary to battle any other figure in your collection.

5. Superman by Cinemaquette


Limited to only 1,000 pieces it looks as if it is the ultimate Superman/ Christopher Reeve collectible. Is that awesome enough for you? He stands at an amazing 29 inches tall. It would be the perfect centerpiece to your collection. Check out the Cinemaquette site for more details, if they still have any left.

4. Predator by NECA


Anyone one of the Predator figures by NECA make an awesome edition to your collection. NECA captured both the ferocity and the cunning in each one of their variations. It is the perfect hunter in your awesome alien collection.

3. Gort by Rocket Toys


Rocket USA Products made a Gort wind-up action figure and a simple five-inch die-cast of Gort as well. They are both awesome and perfect to dress up your office space or bookshelf. The wind-up Gort is more reminiscent of that sleek, bulky and clunky Gort from the original film and our favorite of the two. It also delivers that same 1950’s charm.

2. Norris Thing Monster by McFarlane Toys


McFarlane Toys created not one, but two Thing action figures. The Norris Thing is our favorite and rightly so as it comes with the spider-head Thing too.

1. Alien by Kenner

alien kenner

There have been many since but the original Alien figure from the 1979 film still reigns supreme. Action figures were just starting to take over from the giant G.I. Joe and MEGO style figures. However, Kenner went out of its way to produce this giant sized Alien figure. What makes this figure awesome is that the inner jaw has a trigger in the head which activates it. Plus the look of it completely captures H.R. Giger’s designs. Though what really makes it completely cool is that here is a figure from an R-rated film. That was unheard of in 1979.

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